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Haiti - President Martelly Heavily Criticized for Meeting Danilo Medina on Dominican Territory

President Martelly and Danilo Medina Haiti-Dominican Crisis Update -- Haiti President Michel Martelly is on the HOT SEAT today... Martelly is being criticized heavily by the Haitian Media for, first, requesting a meeting with Dominican President Danilo Medina AND then holding that meeting on Dominican territory in order to discuss a decision that Haiti made to block the entry of 23 Dominican products through the border... more »

FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Meeting with Danilo Medina in Barahona

PHOTO: President Martelly Rencontre Danilo Medina a Barahona DR Haiti-Dominican Politics update -- President Michel Martelly has just posted a photo of him in a meeting with Dominican president Danilo Medina in Barahona, Dominican Republic... For a bilateral meeting, they say... more »

Haitian-Dominicans - No mass deportations, Dominican President Medina says

Danilo Medina - President of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic president Danilo Medina promises that there will be no mass deportations of Haitians-Dominicans... more »