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Youri Latortue is Candidate for President of Haiti in 2022, Ready or Not, Journalist says

Senateur Youri Latortue Paré pa paré (ready or not), former Haiti Senate President Youri Latortue will be a candidate for president of Haiti, journalist Louko Desir said on his morning show Matin Debat on radio Tele Eclair Monday. more »

Haiti - List of 27 Candidates for President for 2016 Elections Do-Over

We have the list of 27 Candidates who have decided to participate in the Haiti Elections do-over in October 2016 and we wanted to share it with you.. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Candidate Jude Celestin has just confirmed his participation in the elections

Haiti Caricature - Jude Celestin Confusion Total Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president Jude Celestin has just finished confirming with the electoral council (CEP) his participation for the upcoming presidential elections... more »

Haiti Elections - All presidential candidates must revalidate their candidacy to participate

Haiti Electoral Council - CEP Stamp Haiti's Electoral council (CEP) has asked all 54 candidates willing to participate in the presidential election scheduled for October 2016 to validate their intention to participate by presenting themselves in person at CEP headquarters... more »

Haiti Election 2015 - Louko DESIR Pote Lamp nan RARA a Mwens Vot ke tout lot Candidat a la Presidence yo!

Haiti Elections - Luckner 'Louko' Desir, Candidat a la Presidence Pami tout 54 candidat a la Presidence yo, Se Luckner 'Louko' DESIR pote lamp nan RARA a... Selman 591 moun nan tout peyi a vote pou Louko Desir, Misye fè mwens vòt ke tout lot Candidat a la Presidence yo... 0.04% electora a... more »

Haiti Elections - Presidential Candidate Charles-Henri Baker Admits DEFEAT...

Charles-Henri Baker - Candidat a la Presidence 2015 Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for president Charles-Henri 'Charlito' Baker has finally admitted defeat in the 2015 elections... "I tried 3 times for President and I lost, this a sign that the people do not trust me to manage the affairs of the Republic," Baker said. more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate Level Francois KICKED out Presidential Race due to Crack Cocaine Conviction in USA

Levelt Francois - Candidate for President of Haiti Haiti Elections Update - Citizen Level Francois has been KICKED out as a candidate for president of Haiti for having been convicted of possession and trafficking of crack and cocaine in the United States of America, the Electoral Council (CEP) reported in a Communiqué de Presse Friday... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate for President Joseph Roussel Bissereth is really a Candidate for Mayor

Candidat a la Presidene 2015 Haiti Elections Update --- If you Google the name Bissereth Joseph Roussel aka Pachou Publicite, you will find many search results with his name as a candidate for President of Haiti... Pachou Publicite says he is NOT a candidate for president, so how did his name end up in the Presidential candidate list... more »

SCOOP : Haiti Elections - More than 20 Candidates for President REJECTED, yo Pran Kane...

Haiti Election Contestation - Kontestasyon Haiti Elections Update - More than 20 candidates for president have been kicked out of the elections out of the 70 candidates who registered to become the next president of Haiti, according to first hand information that leaked out to the Media... more »

Haiti Elections - Mario Andresol Officially Registers as Candidate for President

Haiti Elections Update - Former Haiti police chief Mario Andresol has officially registered with the Electoral Council (CEP) as a candidate for President of the Republic... Mario Andresol submited his paperwork earlier this morning, Tuesday... more »