Bad Politics in Haiti

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Can Haitian political and business leaders really sit down for a sincere dialogue?

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog Haitian president Jovenel Moise signed a new decree creating the Committee for Facilitation of the Inter-Haitian National Dialogue which was published Thursday, February 21 2019, in the official journal Le Moniteur, but really, how can a group of Haitians sit down in a dialogue about something they all want and are not willing to share? more »

Power Hungry Haitians, everybody wants to become President!

Haiti Palais Nationale - 2 Men Nan Tet Read this remark from a Haitian Journalist: Everybody wants to become next president of Haiti. Jovenel Moise wants to end his 5-year term as president, the Prime Minister wants him to slip up so he can become president... more »

Why have some top supporters of President Jovenel abandoned him? Read this...

PHOTO: Haiti - Mme Odette Roy Fombrun & President Jovenel Moise It seems most of the rich folks that financed Jovenel Moise's campaign have abandoned him, a journalist asks why and Gabriel Fortune explains... more »

Eric Jean-Baptiste says: Bandits in Haiti are funded by politicians in office

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence The gang leaders in Haiti have sponsors, former presidential candidate Eric Jean-Baptiste Friday according to newspaper Le Nouvellste. more »

Politicians in Haiti fight to assuming power, not to make Haiti great again!

Haitian street protest sign ask our forefather Dessalines to curse all the sons and daughters of Petion All this political fighting going on in Haiti right now are more geared towards the assumption of power, not the advancement of the country as a whole, a radio caller said in his comments Thursday. more »

No one criticizes their friends in Haitian Politics, Journalist said

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti "I have never heard Andre Michel criticize former Haitian prime Minister Evans Paul," a Haitian journalist said, "They are good friends." more »

Ex Haiti presidential candidate Eric Jean Baptiste shot and wounded in Carrefour Feuille Monday

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence Ex Haitian candidate for President Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Eternel) was shot on the road at Carrefour Feuille Monday Morning, 01 October, 2018. According to his relatives, Eric Jean Baptiste is wounded and has lost a lot of blood, according to news reports. more »

A Haitian president can make 50 million dollars "easily" his first year in office, journalist said

Former Presidents and Chiefs of State of Haiti Haitian journalist Guerrier Henry talks about the amount of money a Haitian president can make "easily" their first year in office, it's shocking... 50 million dollars, he said, and I don't think he is talking about Haitian dollars. more »

Did the Haitian Media misinterpret Depute Gary Bodeau's statement regarding PM Henry Ceant's ratification?

Haiti Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant and Depute President Gary Bodeau Haitian Depute Gary Bodeau was trying to let it be known that the same people telling the Senators and Deputes to stay out and NOT make any deals in choosing ministers and director generals in the new government are the same people who are trying to overrun the new government with their own choice of ministers, It seems the Haitian media is telling a different story. more »

Gary Bodeau says: Deputes will not be intimidated by other sectors who want to bum-rush PM Henry Ceant's Government

Haiti Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant and Depute President Gary Bodeau Haitian chamber of deputes president Gary Bodeau issued a warning to nominated Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant regarding the formation of the new government: The deputes will not sit by and watch other sectors with special interest bum-rush the new government. That's not gonna happen! more »