Roberto Martino and Shabba (Djakout) In One Stage Endorsing Martelly?

HAITI: MUSIC Vs. POLITICS - Here is something you don't see everyday... Roberto Martino (T-Vice) and Shabba (Djakout Mizik) came out on the same stage in support of Michel Martelly for president of Haiti.

Roberto Martino And Shabba

If you follow Haitian music, you know that T-Vice and Djakout have been rivals for a very long time.

As you can see they are both wearing their Martelly campaign t-shirts, side by side.

This show of unity happened last night at the big campaign finale put together by the Martelly campaign.

Ou te ale?

Ou te la?

Di nou kisa ki te pase...

AND... If you think this just a stunt show...

watch this video and hear for yourself Roberto Martino's official endorsment of Michel Martelly for president.

What do you think this unity represent?

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Gisele says...

Becoming president is one thing be able to governe as a real leader is a different ball game. Good luck any way to the

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Tomy says...

Good job guys, i hope that Aristide and his gangs don't cause any problem, i think wihtout his presence, this election round could be the best one ever happen to Haiti with only 2 candidat, but you know that guy (aristide) is a master piece in destruction and he likes blood shred, we all know

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Josy says...

They are smart, and realize Mr. Martelly wants to resuccitate Haiti.

The country needs CPR, and it is dying quickly.

They are real men, and put aside their differences to save the country from perpetual misery.

May GOD be with you President Michel Joseph

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Subject: Roberto Martino and Shabba (Djakout) In One Stage Endorsing Martelly? edit

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