Watch The Return Of Aristide LIVE...

Watch the return of President Aristide Live on - We found a stream on the Internet that is broadcasting it LIVE at the airport...

Jean Bertrand Aristide - Soutn African Airlines

LIVE FEED is over!

Did you get to see the live speech by president aristide?

Tell us what you think about it

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Andre says...

That is not true.

If you love Haiti, you should love all Haitians.

Please ! leave GOD

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Cj says...

I love my country HAITI and to the day I die I will hold on to that spirit and pride...

but for Aristide to show up now saying that "he thinks the next president of Haiti may not allow him to come back in the next five years term that is why he comes two days before the election"...

is plain bull crap what about announce his coming two days after the election and then show up or even wait another five would not hurt Haitians

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Tomy says...

BIG MISTAKE, I wouldn't waste my time watching his ignorance

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Jynee says...

my only hope is since Aristide knows where all the Natural Resources of Haiti are located, He would travel throughout the country and put a red flag in each location.

That way if we see a blan je vet in the area nou ka bat chat bari deyel.

Haitian leaders should have transparancies in contracts for exploration of our natural resources.

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Charles Jim says...

i think a citizen must stay in his own country.

specially a president a person whom could be able to created job for the people.

so, to me he welcome

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Nicolas Ronel says...

Aristide is really coming back but doesn't change.Same speech.

same way of talking, speaking several languages.

I think aristide is not supposed to come today two days before the second round of the election of march 20. any way the political atmosphere would be troubled by hearing people manifesting their joy for the return of Him.I am following to see and

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