Question: Is Haitian president Jovenel Moise loosing his credibility?

Many journalists in Haiti are beginning to focus on the fact the President Jovenel Moise is just a liar who goes around making promises but does not deliver. Which raises the question: Is president Jovenel loosing his credibility?

Let me ask you a question: Has your opinion about president Jovenel Moise changed?

Do you think the president will do all the things he promised or do you thing they are just empty promises?

More importantly, do you think President Jovenel CAN do what he promised?

I need your opinion. Reply with your comments

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Neglakou says...

Claude ou pa we kle nan sa k ap pase Ayiti a la a. Peyi ap efrondre nan men JOMO anpi wap di se pa vre.

Lavalas pat kwe yo te ka pedi pouvwa yo. Yo pedi l de fwa.

Jovenel, sans experience, ap komet tout kalite fot sa yo epi wap di li pa pedi kredibilite li.

Ki moun kap sipote Jovenel nan gagot sa a?

Antouka se pa moun

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Neglakou says...

Hi lost his credibility with the Haitian people already.

He can only regain it if he can cut all wasteful and unjustified spending immediately and reduced ordinary expenditures by a least 20% and invest instead in programs with short and long-term benefits like environmental protection, health care, drinking water, and waste collection and disposal

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Patrick Princivil says...

Jovenel Moise nan palè sa a

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Haitian Born says...

This is a good question but my answer is how Mr. Jovevel can realize all those promises and you know most of the elites turn him down because the easy money they used to make come difficult now and also the opposition is fighting him from a to

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Frank says...

Your question sounds redundanly funny that man is a liar, a drug dealer and a thief.

if there is a God he should come forth and help this impoverished

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Handy Laurent says...

No he can't and He is a

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Ferrard says...

Yes he is loosing his credibility.

He is a liar, he is a thief.

He is a drug dealer.

He has bad reputation as a President.

He should be in jail.

Oui President Inculper a perdu toute credibilite li. Li menteur, bloffeur, li pas kimber promess li yo.

Lap enrichie bourgeois yo plus. President inculper a gen mauve reputation.

Li Vole, drog dealer.

Li supposer lan

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Alixjunior says...

Il n'etait jamais credible c'est un inculper, un grand menteur, il ne fait que

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Claude says...

Sak pou fe jovenel pedi kredibilite l la poko ekziste, le gwoup kap fe demagogi brule, kraze peyiya a vini ak bon agiman ki vwe rezon kife yap devalize peyiy a, le sa omwen kat la VA jwe sou tab la men depi SE revandikasyon san fondman yap fe yo tou mouri nan film nan kom akte demagog

Viv jovenel epi DAT

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Douvendy says...

non, non, non, petyonvil pa ayiti non.

si l te pèdi konfyans, tout peyi a tap leve.

menm petyonvil la menm c lajan politisyen maskarad yo

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