President Preval Says Cholera Could Delay The Haiti Presidential Elections

Over the weekend president Rene Preval expressed his concerns about the possibility of delay of the November 28 presidential elections in Haiti because of the cholera outbreak.

The Christian science monitor reports:

"Haitian President Rene Preval on Saturday voiced concern about contagion at polling stations, raising the possibility that the Nov. 28 election would be delayed. Even if the vote happens as scheduled, observers say some might stay home out of fear."


Do you think there should a delay of the elections because of the cholera outbreak?

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Charley says...

No...elections must go forward...governments do not colapse when there is a health problem.

Health will be one of the most important problems of Haitis' future government...they should elect Dr.Paul Farmer if they are serious about future Health

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Excedra says...

The head line got me so upset that i dont even take time to read the mail.This delay his asking for isn't anything new.He just make it happen.But we don't have to go along with it.I hate this jack ass. Next time they going to kill us all or come with a new idea. anyway our voices never been heard and our votes never been counted.

Their big boss always place the stupidest Haitian as prsident so he can do as he want and make beleive that he doesn't know what is going on. Hati belong to us not anyone else. What you don't know must become as a surprise to you. Politic is elly a doggy thing but i have to say most of us are so passionate with out even have an idea what is it all aboutand cannot even see thereality.

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Martine Civil says...

No not because of cholera! we are not ready for election now the population is to stressful for election.

I understand that they need to spend the money that has been raise for haiti wisely but however an election is not the solution in fact it is dangerous by forcing such a force that is pre mature.

Haiti need a form commitee where the party elected someone four 4years with well supervise administration function than there after the 5th years we can begin prepared for election.

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Victor Manuel Guerrero says...

Creo que debido a este brote de colera, las elecciones se deben posponer, sin embargo, la ONG UNICREDEC, cree que el gobierno tiene que hacer esfuerzos enormes ahora, mas que nunca, para construir viviendas higienicas para los mas de unmillon de dannificados que vivien en precarios campamentos, en Puerto Principe, para evitar la posiblidad de mas muertes por epidemias como el colera, dengue, malaria, etc.

Ademas la UNICREDEC pone a dispocicionn del gobierno haitiano su Sistema de Salud Comunitaria(SISALC), para capacitar a la poblacion en prevencion de

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Sergo Jean says...

Sa se fot Preval, mank de lide chip.Neg sa yo pa panse, yo pa tande moun sof tet yo.Pep la te pale deja .men yo menm yo te we kob kap vini fok yo fe yon jan pou yo pran kanmem.nan tou peyi yo konnen apre yon catastrof toujou gen lot bagay deye li.An Haiti yo panse kontre paske yo konnen pase tout moun.kote tout neg ki di yo gen konesans yo.apre dezas ki te fet vil gonaives la ki desisyon ki te pran pou pemet moun yo konnen kisa yo dwe fe pou le bagay sa paret yon jou se sa ki fe palman voye premie minis ale epi pa menm gen solusyon .yo te deye lajan pou met nan poch yo e sa ki te fe det dwe. tranbleman te fet pa gen plan pou pies moun manje yap bay pep kache nan plas pou vin paret nan kanpay pou elecsyon, cholera paret neg chanje parol kounye peyi a te gen yon vre chef leta, li tap gentan konnen sa avan sa fet.moun yo ki mouri ya nan tranbleman te ya, pa antere nan ocun boit ou byen sache ki rezulta ou te atan, le la pli vini dlo sa pral ki kote, le moun yo pase nan rout la ki sant yo pran.mwen panse se pi move chwa peyi ya te fe, loske yo pat kite l, al nan 2 e tou avek Manigat pou pep la te chwazi prop lide li.lide ayisyen yo panse lot moun ap travay pou yo, yo ka chita pran ninpot desisyon san reflechi pa gen problem, lot neg etranje yo kap regle zafe yo pou prop intere yo pa ke avec desizyon dwat e goch lide sa yo ap pran pou peyi ya.sel bagay mwen kwe tout pral peye li

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Bob says...

How can there be contagion at polling stations?

How can cholera be transmitted at the polling stations?

Cholera is not transmitted by contact.

Is it?

Last I heard Cholera is transmitted by dirty water.

This doesn't make

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Luckson says...

The election should be delayed, if notwill kill many people than it already did.Then we have a president who doesn't really know how to govern a nation.

Howcome, haitian people voted a man like this. I assure you, if the condition of haiti is taking longer.

haiti will

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Patricia Wright says...

Preval just want to stay a longer so he can demolish Haiti.

He already know that Celestin is going to be President and he is going to be prime minister so he can have a big Michele Bennett wedding for his daughter with Celestin.

Preval is a Duvalier want to be A vie.
I just hope haitians stand up for what they believe.

I guess Preval didn't pack enough

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Pierre B. says...

Sure, why not?

My question to you, Mr. Preval: When are you gonna tell these people who were tragically hit by the earthquake and now cholera that you are care and you are trying to provide them with the best quality care?

When are you gonna tell them that help is on the way?

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Marie says...

YES !!!!

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