President Martelly Meeting With Prosper Avril

Haitian President Michel Martelly had a meeting with Former president Prosper Avril Yesterday... Find out why...

Prosper Avril - President Of Haiti


You didn't get the memo? LOL...

President Martelly is meeting will all the former presidents of Haiti

The meeting with president Prosper Avril took place Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at the private residence of Prosper Avril in Juvenat Haiti.

I'm looking at this picture and I'm thinking: What if this guy was given one more chance to do something GREAT... Would he take it?

According to , The two men discussed of topics of current interest and President Martelly invited President April, as well as all other former Presidents of Haiti, to join him to rebuild the country.

The General Prosper Avril... described as "fraternal and patriotic" the time spent with President Martelly.

L'union Fait La Force... Martelly is trying!

Posper Avril, in case you are not up-to-date with your "Histoire d'Haiti" was the 37th President of Haiti, from 17 September 1988 to 10 March 1990.

Prosper Avril was also, prior to being president, member of the National Council of Government -- Conseil National de Gouvernement (CNG), and General of the Haitian armed forces -- Forces Armées dHaïti (FADH)

What can I say...

Vive la Nation Haitienne... A Tous Jamais Unis!!!

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Like says...

Sounds great, I think you've done pretty well for a first time. Next topic, I would really suggest more on traffic generation.

Excited to hear the next one. Womens Ture Religion Crops

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Eve says...

le president martelly a fait un voyage au purgatoire et veux ramener tous les morts oublies, il veux mettre en pratique le dicton d haiti;; union fait la force;; je le felicite, j espere seulement que ces morts ne deviennent pas des zombis pour le bouffer sans sel et

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Jude Joseph says...

I strongly believe it was a very, very and smart move from President Martelly.

Congratulations Mr. President and I am with you 10,000 times.

I hope you will come out with something positive and

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