Queen Sofia of Spain Visits Haiti

Haitian president Michel Martelly and First Lady Sohpia Martelly had the company of European royalty this weekend... Queen Sophia of Spain was in Haiti for a two day visit...

Queen Sofia Of Spain

I like the sounds of that...

Her Majesty, Queen Sophia of Spain... and Her Excelency, First Lady Sophia of Haiti...

You never know... That could be the answer to a Jeopardy question some day!

The Associated Press reports...

The queen's arrival comes out of summer trip Martelly took to Spain, his first visit to Europe since he was inaugurated in May. The new president met with King Juan Carlos.

Martelly said he hopes the queen's visit will serve as an example of how Haiti can forge new relations with countries that have long overlooked Haiti as a place to invest and explore as tourists.

As far as what the the Queen and the President discussed, Martelly told AP...

"We talked about our families, her kids, my kids, the king, politics... It was a little opportunity for me to meet the queen, thank her, and do what I'm supposed to do: Portray a new Haiti, bring confidence in our partners, our friends -- let them know that this is no longer a country that wants to beg for money."

The queen did assure the President of Haiti that "Now, and for all time, Haiti can count on Spain and all Spaniards..."

President Martelly has been saying since his inauguration that Haiti is open for business, I hope that her Majesty 'Vinn Investi!'

What do you think?

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Ronald Trenard says...

To be honest I am very pleased and happy to see that some big leaders go to see my Country.

but one question remains "what do they do?

what are they going to do?

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Marie Mendes says...

This is great, bring Haiti into the light that has been hiden from it for so long. The Queen visit open doors for numerious opportunities for Haiti growth.

I am glad for this visit and hope for many

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Tiba says...

Once again more promises to Haiti!

I have been listening to promises made to Haiti long before Jesus Christ came and they never come through.

I am St. Thomas.

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Marleine says...

The President has his own Channel where you can leave comments and see daily activities of haiti reconstruction and progress.

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B. Duchatelier says...

This is good a news for the Haitian's nation.

One thing that i can remind the President and the first Lady Sofia Martelly
is to remember that God can make a way where it seems to be no way.And i want to tell all the haitians in the Diaspora and the ones who live in Haiti, President Martelly loves and cares for Haiti, Let's encourage him and stay behind him come yon gro poto kwen pou nou we si Haiti ta avanse.

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Kenold Pierre says...

I know for a fact that our president loves Haiti and wants to do great things for Her.Let's stand behind Him as one and give Him all the supports He deserves: Mr president ;I'm behind you 100/00 and thank you for loving Haiti .Que Dieu vous marque toujours du sceau de sa bienfaisante

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Martine Civil says...

Let us all citizen aboard congradulate the president for it's valuable work and effort please create a web where people can go in thank him for his possitive

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