President Martelly In Little Haiti Miami - Diaspora Appreciation Week-End

Haitian president Michel Martelly will be at the Little Haiti park this afternoon, Saturday, June 25 2011.

Haitians a begining to gather at the Little Haiti park to hear their president speak.

The US secret service is everywhere, a policeman told me, and there is a heavy police presence?

Do you live in South Florida?

Drop by to say hello to your president...

Not in South Florida?

Stay tuned, I will tell you what he said...

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Miracle Marie Lourdes says...

More you will pass days and months more you will have confidence in your job to be a good father for Haitian people.

Focus on educatio, safety, tourism, agriculture.

Use all the hatians or other nation that want to help our Country.

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Jacques Permidieu says...

Bonjour mon president non mouin se Jacques .p -alias Jacquylove de radio transcarib fort-pierce florida well come to little haiti ilove in I suport you sa mouin mande ou-pliz fe tout mounn we gin yonlot haiti pou sa fet fok pinition sitou nan boite leta pliz pran chance ak yonlot group mounn mouin connin ou de bonne foi mouin te patisipe nan dernie bal ou te joue a port st lucie bonne chance merci I-am a us sitizen but I love

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Amonnon Louis says...

Thanks guys, you are doing a very good job, God bless you all. I will be happy to know what president Martlly says about the new Haiti situation evolution and hope he keeps his

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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

I truly appreciate you for everything you do to report the latest news to us, I honestly love you guys please keep up the good work and let me know everywords our President said while he is in little Haiti.

I hope he spoke about security.


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Maxo Louis Jean says...

ok i am waiting

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