President Jovenel Moise creates a buzz in Paris, Judges in Haiti are upset

President Jovenel Moise lashed out at the Haitian justice system during his visit to Paris claiming he was forced to nominated Judges who may be corrupted. This created a wave of angry faces back home.

The president confessed to appointing 50 judges suspected of corruption under pressure by the justice system.

"The CSPJ entrusted me with a list of judges, because you know that it is the President of the Republic who must sign," President Jovenel explained. "Since I had learned that there was an ongoing vetting, I was waiting for the report before signing. From my sources, I learned that there were about 50 judges suspected of corruption. I waited for a month. It [the report] never reached me until today. It was on the radio that I learned that I did not want to publish the list of judges. This provoked a strike within the justice system. I had no choice, I had to publish the list... They are the same ones who do their own vetting. Kase fèy kouvri sa..."

After this declaration, members of the Conseil Supérieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire (CSPJ) came out in press conference and gave the president a piece of their mind denying and accusing President Jovenel Moses of violating the Constitution. Read this Le Nouveliste article.

Reactions poured in from all sides and the Haitian media had a field trip on the subject.

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Eunice Tassone says...

The President chose the political life and wanted to be President.

With leadership comes criticism as well as accolades, it is part of the job. He knew before he accepted the Presidency that he would be confronted with Haiti's corrupt systems.

Every country has corrupt systems.

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Subject: President Jovenel Moise creates a buzz in Paris, Judges in Haiti are upset edit

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