MICKY Vs. MANIGAT - Haiti Election 2010 Final Verdict

Haiti Election 2010 - The verdict is in... Jude Celestin is OUT... Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat we will go round two of the 2010 Haiti presidential elections...

Bon fout... Men Nimewo a... LOL...

BBC News reports...

"OAS gives Haiti presidential election verdict - The Organisation of American States is set to recommend that the governing party candidate in Haiti's presidential election [Jude Celestin] should be dropped from the run-off vote, reports say.

Provisional results said Jude Celestin came second in the first round to the former First Lady, Mirlande Manigat.

But OAS monitors found that the opposition candidate Michel Martelly won more votes."

Mezanmiiiii... Woyyyy... Woyyy... Wololoyyyyy...

They will submit the final decision to President Preval BUT...

Eske Preval ap Dako??? E si Preval pa dako???

What Do You Think??? Ki Sa Ou Panse???

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Patrick Og says...

Ameriken retire visa koken ak delenkan yo.Se pou yo tann

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Patrick Og says...

Il faudrait que le commissaire du gouvernement fasse accompagner Preval de Jean-Claude Duvalier en meme temps puisqu'il sera

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Patrick Og says...

Yo vle detounen atansyon

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Josette Jean says...

Hello everyone,

I believe that electing both candidated will be a tremendous mistake, the reaseon who is Mr. Marthelly is vocal person socially, when he is on stage he uses profanities mot of the time on women W e still don't know his background nor his social history..One thing people have to put in considerations once you started running for office you don't have a private life anymore And when it comes to Mrs Manigat I think although she has experience in politic because her husband used to be in charge, but I don't if she will be able to fonction under hatians pressure.

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William Jusme says...

Well guys, I was backing Mr. Baker.

Mr. Martelly was my second choice and Mrs. Manigat was my third choice.

Today, I just want you guys to know that I am backing Mr. Martelly.

Every body has a past. Mr. Martelly is a business man; he was acting crazy so he could sell his products (musics).

He did not do anything that violated our

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Dada says...

Good luck to them both.


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Patricia says...

We need to call-up that senator name and bring him to justice.

We not going to let fear paralyze us anymore it's time for change in Haiti, enough is enough.

It is all over the news how they tried to bribe people with money to stir violence.

God is watching! judgement is coming stand still.God bless

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Patrick Og says...

Moun inite komanse tire sou

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Beltran says...

li le pounou sispan soufri le a rive pou ke se yon ayisyen ki prezidan peyi a, mwen vin rive konpran ke preval se yon nan delekan an ayiti e si nou pa arete PREVAL se ke nou pap cherche

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Ronald Altieri says...

I truly do believe you are correct in that prediction.

Hey! Everyone has their destiny in the political arena.

Ti Simone is not going a winner - i got it, and i understand completely - it makes sense.

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