Michel Martelly Will Contest A Martelly-Celestin Second Round

Haiti presidential candidate Michel Martelly said that he will contest the primary results of the Haiti Election votes if Jude Celestin makes it to the second round... even if it is a Martelly-Celestin second round.

Candidate Michel Martelly believes Jude Celestin does not have enough popularity amongst the voters to make it to the second round of the Haiti presidential elections.

This is according to a news reporter from Radio Signal FM in Haiti.

"Sizanka sa ta genyen yon dezyem tou Manigat-Celestin menm, c'est le pire," the reporter said.

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Truth Hurts says...

Celestin and Preval need to be forced into

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Pierre Alcius says...

jude celestin need to be out, he need to go and learn how to support his 17 children and the child support here in the u.s. that is not

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Fara says...

Micky should not give up. se pa fot pep la, mais se fot dirijan yo. celestin?

se sa ki fe preval te ale St. Domingue

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Gaston says...

It is too early.Just wait then we will see what

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Jean Raymond says...

Avek michel Martelly Haiti pral sorti nan

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Emerla says...

I believe that Martelly should have contested way before that. Graqnted he and Magnigat wanted the elections to be redone but withdrew when he when he was told he was in the lead, so how does he qand Manigat look now, like the rest. If he had stuck tohis gut he would look better but because he knew he was in the lead it was ok then for the fraud to occur.

Now he doesn't want Celestin involve, haitian politics is crazy, I would not be surprised if he and Manigat were not in the 2nd round.

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