Michel Martelly Accused of Being Haiti's Second Great Disaster

ALJAZEERA BLASTS MARTELLY - As Haitians await the official swearing in of Michel Martelly as the next president of Haiti, there is a pretty though editorial article on Aljazeera calling President-elect Michel Martelly Haiti's second great Disaster.

Considering that the earthquake that killed over 300,000 Haiti people was the first great disaster, this is a pretty strong statement if you ask me!

The article talks a lot about the fact that the Lavalas Party was not involved in the elections, that Michel Martelly, although he is the winner of the presidential elections, only took the presidency with just 16.7 percent of the electorate.

This is to suggest that if LAVALAS was allowed to run, Martelly would have lost!

The writer seem worried at the fact the United States supports Martelly's presidency - Recalling Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsement: "We are behind him... The United States will be with you all the way..."

The article also suggest that Martelly may have more in common with Gerard Latortue, his ties with previous De-Facto leaders, and that he is anti-Lavalas and pro-Duvalier...

There is also a great deal of discussion in the article about the IRI (The International Republican Institute) considered the international branch of the U.S. Republican Party, and they fact they were Anti-Aristide and a whole lot of other things...

Read the article here and tell me what you think about it...


Does the content of the article make you feel any different about Martelly and his presidency?

Do you believe that Sweet Micky, the artist, is the same as Michel Martelly the president?

Do you think his previous ties and harsh anti-lavalas comments as Sweet Micky the artist was just stage comedy or is there more to it than that?

How do you feel about the next president of Haiti - whom we all hope will move Haiti forward - being called "Haiti's Second Great Disaster?"

This is a very strong statement don't you think?

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Patricia says...

Mr President, you put a smile in my face when I saw you playing football yesterday in Saint-Marc.I saw how you put a smile on all those people faces who were watching the game, that was very nice of you to take time to be with the people.The only thing it won't be easy any more for you do that after you took office.God Bless you! and stay

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Wil says...

You're absolutely correct.

My apologies and my comment was directed toward someone else. I share the same views as you of a unified Haiti as

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Patricia says...

Sir, I think you response back the wrong person, because I never mention anywhere to exclude any party inset I always ecourage for everybody to do what they can to help Haiti move forward regardless of our politic differences because if we divided Haiti will

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Wil says...


How can you say forget about lavalas?

I don't endorsed any political party but exclusion is an injustice.

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Wil says...

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Patricia says...

To whom that said"the president is the bigest idiot"those negativity don't have any place please give the Haitian people chance to have a beter life, I guarantee you will apologize to him in those days coming.

I hope the time God give you do not waste it, but in an useful way where you can make a positive impact on somebody life.Life is to short to live as a bitter person, just pray for the president since it is not about him but Haiti.Find a way you can help for Haiti to move forward thank

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Jim Egalite says...

Essentially, Al-Jazeera is an Arabic perspective of world politics.

It supports the Islamic Empire view of the world just like Bin Laden did and would like to shoot down anything that seems to share or defend the western cherished values such as democracy, individual freedom, personal responsibility, tolerance of difference and of religion, the rule of law, individual conscience etc. and by extension, the US and western countries, all values the Islamic world are fighting against.

With the democratic election of Martelly, this goes against the Islamic view of things as supported by Al-Jazeera.

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Joe says...

Someone said that Sweet M. is a gift from God. I think God really hates us if he gives us the biggest idiot for

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Elisabeth says...

He is a MESSENGER, a LEADER sent to us so we can actually stand up and show the world that we have a backbone, that we are ready for our country to be responsible and take our destiny into our own hand that we are tired of the charity and being categorize of the poorest, we are ready for a make over HAITI can actually take care of his own business if it was not for all those magouilleurs, voleurs, THEY actually keep begging for help and were unable to use it to care for Haiti, except to fill their own pocket.

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Francois says...

May be he will be the best thing happen to Haiti since Jean Claude Duvalier.

With all the help from the Diaspora, all I can aske is to ease on Douanne Cost.

A car value 1.000.00 US should paye no more than 30%.

Please help the Diaspora return to

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