Jean-Max Bellerive For Prime Minister of Haiti Again?

It looks like the Haitian parliament are not very happy about Martelly selecting Bernard Gousse for Prime Minister. That leaves Ceant and Bellerive. Will it be Jean-Max Bellerive again?

"Outraged" is the term being by the media to describe the feeling of some members of the Haitian parliament regarding the selection of Bernard Gousse by President Martelly to be Haiti's next Prime Minister.

Here is the part I DO NOT understand...

I was reading an article on and it states that Haitian observers are wondering whether the selection of Gousse was a tactic to re-appoint Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, who they say is opposed by some in Martelly's camp, or if he [Martelly] is seeking to use Gousse's nomination and possible rejection to blame parliament for further paralyzing Haiti.

What are they [the Haitian observers in question] implying?

a) That President Martelly actually want Jean-Max Bellerive as prime minister? (Tactic to re-appoint, se sa li vle di... Right?)


b) That they [the famous and never identified 'YO' in Haitian creole] want to shove Bellerive down Martelly's throat?

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Franck Casseus says...


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Franck, Aristide is in politic for your info.
Hey Franck, Duvalier never kill innocent people.

Just like the CIA, CIA don't kill if you don't deserve it, remember the country is first, someone put the country in danger or expose the country to danger than you go down.
Duvalierist loves their country.

If you don't like what you hear jump all you

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Franck Casseus says...

What is the obcession with Lavalas?

There is no Aristide in politic now. Why don't talk about de facto Latortue who stole the peoples money and run fast back to Boca Raton ( Rat Mouth ) where he should stay and die like a rat.
What about the Duvalieristes killers and assassins.

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Ken says...

Look, it is simple.

Mr Gousse should not become Haiti next PM for one important reason.

During his tenure as ministre de L'Injustice he imprisonned a lot of people.

Many of these people were not allowed to see a judge.

Now, if he can do that under a defacto government; what will he do as the PM. NO way NO how Never,.


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Grenadye16 says...

Li pa yon kesyon satiman pou jere yon peyi. Pou

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Domaine Prive De Letat says...

Monsieur Le President MARTELI EN CES BERAUX
Lettre Ouverte
Cabinet Gouse/Pasquet Avec Client Christine Nadale Voleur $300.000.00 du peuple haitian.Nous vous demandons de mettre laction publique contre ces

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Judith K. Mayard says...

No the biggest mimi niaruuu is Martelly.

He is collecting illegal taxes from the diaspora.His bypass the legal accountability about this form of mugging.

He and his wife are managing the hold up monies.

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Jean says...

Hey man...I said that before, those corrupted men in the parliarment are very allergic to changes.The only way Gousse can have a shot is to bribe them, other than that he is out of the picture.

These men want to keep the status quo so they can continue to steal and commit fraud.That is how they make money.

Martelly has three options; Have a new constitution and call the people for a referendum or Mix himself with those corrupted men in the parliarment by choosing Bellerive or Send all of them home. I bet you, if it was in the constitution that they should not have a paycheck until having a prime minister, the problem today would be history.

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Deblozai Blackitalianstal says...

respect pour president Pleas8 let the president doo the job please let start the pays
apres si nous vle fight na fight
but now pleas8 dont stop michel
en artist tout est permis en president tout est permis et plus let's doo the job
help my president

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Agent-x says...

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