Jean-Claude Duvalier in Jacmel Haiti to Launch his Political Party

FLASH... Former Haitian President for life Jean-Claude Duvalier is in Jacmel this Tuesday, 22 Apr 2014, to launch his new political party called Parti de l'Unité Nationale (PUN)

Jean-Claude Duvalier drinking Champagne

Gossip time... LOL... I received a phone call earlier today with the news that Duvalier an a bunch or Duvalierists were going to Jacmel to inaugurate something but I didn't know what it was until now...

So there you have it... Babydoc Duvalier is opening an office in Jacmel, Sud-Est Haiti, for his PUN political party.

From what I read, more PUN offices are due to open in the near future.

What do you think about that?

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John Roland says...

The Haitian government as hidden the years of Duvalier since 1986 and school children do not even know about the crimes that father and son committed from 1957 until 1986. I believe history will repeat itself in Haiti.

It will be a sad day if he is elected President of

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Guilbert Printemps says...

I was an haitian Citizen until 1977, I flew to Canada.

I know what people mean by Duvalier regime.

If this guy have to become president of my Haiti, I have 2 choices.

Give up my haitian nationality or go to Haiti to fight him. There is no place for him in my homeland

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Kem says...

Jocelyne, who says Duvalier's not Haitian.

Stop being stupid

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Kem says...

To Marie betrand, what are you talking about?

You are very

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Kem says...

She is a delusional

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Lionel says...

Pays d'haiti on fait ce que vous voulez,
S'ouvenez vous de cette chanson...kad ou peyi mwen fe sam pito. ( edem sim fe

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Versaint says...

Dans toute société le passé a toujours la cime exemplaire à offrir, afin qu'on soit mieux intelligent, plus apte à édifier ce qu'est bon ou mauvais.

Mais en Haïti c'est inlassablement le contraire qui se fait, par manque de devoir citoyen.

Si après plus d'un quart de siècle il y en a encore de place pour Jean-Claude Duvalier, non pas par faveur mais surtout pour contribuer au soulagement à ce même peuple, même société et la même Nation.

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Magie says...

Why not, it. Seems that everyone in Haiti.

Feels entitled.

To or they must be in office to be valuable.

The slogan will be been there done

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Dufresne Michel says...

I think we ought to give everyone a chance if we believe in democracy, but the danger is, he has never apologized to the Haitian people for his wrong doing and can he be trusted to become the leader of a country you had stolen all its wealth.

Now for Miss Bertrand who said that the new government is doing nothing worth, with all do respect to her, she must not be a Haitian or she must be a very confused

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Jocelyne says...

Jean claude Duvalier he is haitian like the oother's no matter

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