INITE Ready For Civil War, Michel Martelly's Political Party Says

Michel Martelly's political party, Repons Peyizan, warns the population about senator Joseph Lambert's declaration to the New York Times about his readiness to start a civil war in Haiti in a press release dated December 9 2010... Listen to the declaration...

(video not available)

In the press release, Michel Martelly's political party also warned the Haitian people about those who are are pretending to be supporters of the candidate, wearing Martelly campaign t-shirts, to spread terror in the country.

"Candidate Michel Martelly is against all acts of violence," the declaration says. They deny responsibility for all acts of violence in Haiti that took place in the last few days


What is your opinion of this declaration by Repons Peyizan?

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Abel Faroul says...

Martelly is peaceful man he will never encourage violence, preval and celestin responsible for killing and

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Marcy Paul says...

Let me see if I get you straight?

You are willing to sit with two cases of beers to watch people killing themselves?

Man I suggest you run to a mental hygienist.

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Tison says...

civil war?

fwa saa se mulat petion ville ak neg nwe cite soleil.

Let me get may chair and two cases of beers.

Sak geneyn

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Vladimir says...

ou menm sa selman w konnen, mwen jije w selon nivo w, se pa fot ou.
se fot manman w ak papa

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Jean says...

i this is jean all today i heard so many news i would like to know the result the result news about the polation voters what they giong to do with it because the haitian people they dont want julde celestin my problemes is where haiti result is giong to i think today is the time

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Charles Jeanbaptiste says...

Nou pap lage batay la michelle martelly paske, pou nou te pran insepandans nou pat lage, ,, e si nou lage eh byen le selestin fini lap pase manda li ak yon lot neg pal epi tout moun ap fini mouri net sa pap ka fet nap nou kampe ak michelle pou nou batay pou nou mouri pou peye nou, paske kwe se ou menm sel nan moman saa ki ka pote yon chanjman pou peye sa a ki prale peri nan tou ego. pou peye sa a ki pral devni yon

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Marjorie Middy says...

Have you people seen Haiti through videos lately?

It feels like a scary movie, except it is real and real people are living it right now. Videos after videos Haitian people are getting killed on the Streets.

The most blatant one is was this guy in red shirt who was running away from a group in yellow shirt, right in front of the camera, they killed the guy in the red shirt.

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Killy says...

I think preval needs to give Haitian people a chance.

preval and his friends have been in power for almost a decade they don't do anything for the country.

Now he's trying to put ti jude celestin in power by violence.

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Sammclee says...

The link to the artilce in the NYT:

The actual quote (10th paragraph down): Senator Lambert asserted

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Joe says...

al mete bodaw yon

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