Haitian president Martelly ignites controversy and upcoming US Congressional Race

Miami FL - Did Haitian president Michel Martelly breach protocol in his recent interview to Alex Sait Surin on Miami Radio Mega? According to a news article released by the Miami Herald, some of the comments the president made has U.S. State Department officials wondering.

The possible can of worms President Martelly left open before returning to Haiti:

In the recent interview on radio Mega president Martelly made a call to the Haitian community to support Rudy Moise for congress. Dr. Rudolph Moise is the Haitian-American candidate who is challenging incumbent Frederica Wilson in the Miami congressional primary race August 14 2012.

Well... you may say... NO BIG DEAL... Michel Martelly and Rudy Moise are friends... and this just a small radio interview in a small Haitian community radio station right???


Think of it that way...

The head of state of a foreign country is sticking his nose in American politics!

Does this sound like a BIG DEAL now?

According to the Miami herald it is a BIG DEAL...

"Martelly's diplomatic faux pas was heard all the way to Washington," the Herald says, "U.S. State Department officials wondered what Martelly meant when he told popular Haitian radio journalist Alex Saint-Surin during the live broadcast that he was "ready to help (Moise) in any way that I can."

Did Martelly make a boo boo... YEEESSSSS... a BIG Boo Boo...

"At best, it's a breach of protocol," the herald says. "U.S. law prohibits foreign nationals and governments from contributing to U.S. political campaigns -- a measure the Federal Election Commission says was enacted to minimize foreign intervention in U.S. elections."

Sa-a se pa le CEP de Gaillot Dorsainvil non... C'est le FEC de Caroline C. Hunter.. LOL...

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson says this move by president Martelly is an effort "to divide my Congressional district into Haitians versus African Americans" in the Aug. 14 primary race.

What do you think about that?

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Timo says...

Una buena manera de inzirnacionaletar nuestras rutas.

Gracias Julia por tu compaf1eda el pasado domingo.

Esperamos preparar re1pidamente una nueva salida y que tambie9n nos acompaf1es.

Un fuerte

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Monel says...

Bro Jean Pierre Alexandre, please do me a favor, leave that scum'bag bitch alone, you have to mnmuch important things to do on this blog, don't waste your time with a mongrel like that.
Bro gives her a chance to reflect, because she got a homework to do for Mr Ti coq about a cnn's link.
Mr Ti coq as her to give her opinion about rising haitian american in US politic.Unt'l now she never reply to Mr Ti coq posted.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Elizabeth, wou fwe'm sousa, map'tan fo kock'la.
Mwen ta swete'e wou kinbe'e promes'ou!
Makes sure it's over 12 inches long, now you are my

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Monel says...

Mrs "Eli" ZOKIKI "za" ZOGIGIT "beth" CRACK"HEAD don't forget you have a homework to do for Mr Ti coq. Instead of you think about the link that Mr Ti coq asked you to give your opinion about " the rising of haitian american in US politic".

Here the link again:
Now you prefere talking shi't.please my "eli" ZOKIKI "za" ZOGIGIT "beth" CRACK"HEAD make me happy.

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Ti Coq says...

Our president, Michel Martelly most probably is on a medication called warfarin (coumadin a rat poison).

This is a common blood thinner (anticoagulation ) used for pulmonary embolism ( blood clots ).

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Elizabeth says:"Se yon sel faso m fe sa, sou do".

Jean Pierre Alexandre says:
Si mwen te neg'wou! Mwen tap kite'wou apre 2 konyen selman.

Yon sel ti pozisyon wou konyen?"Sou do?"
Ahh mache'e.

Massisssi nan payi Dayiti tap'p tou touye'wou, si wou ta jete'e fratra nan tou bouwda yon massissi tankou'm.

Depi se madivinez nan peyi Dayiti tap tou fini ak'wou

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x, i don't have a problem with that, someone call me massisssi.

I love that when someone call me

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Monel says...

Mr ti Coq, I will agree with you that cunt'bitch is better than us if I see she gives you an appopriate opinion about your link.
It's easy for someone talking about sensless things, because you don't need to much thoughts, you just say whatever you want, but give an opinion about a subject as your link it's not easy for someone like her, because she needs to do some search to give you an opinion which got some arguments who can convaince people.

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Ti Coq says...


Please, Ignore them. You are better than this. Here is a
link about MIA LOVE on.cnn.com/KMssPN Watch and let me know your opinion about the rising of Haitian American in

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Agent-x says...

Alexandre, Elizabeth is right by calling you a Mars ici. Based on your blog history and considering your propensity to use vulgarities while indicating your morbid preferences for pathological insane, depraved behaviors with respect to crimes against nature even-though no one ever solicited to join you in your filthy repulsive demented activity, consequently, you must stop advertising your shameless feculent behavior on this

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