Haiti - New York Times Publishes Really BAD article about President Martelly

The New York Times has just dropped a bomb on Martelly... A lengthy article published by the New York Times makes Haiti president Michel Martelly look really bad... Really bad... Every bit of negative that can be linked to President Martelly has been boiled down into a single article...

President Martelly is in thinking mode right now, underestimate him if you want to
President Martelly is in thinking mode right now, underestimate him if you want to

KREYOL: Haiti - Jounal New York Times lage yon BOMB sou tet President Martelly... Yo sal misye... Yo pibliye yon atik ki fè kwè ke Martelly antoure tèt li ak Dilè Drog, Criminel, kadejakè etc... Tout sa ou konnen opposition an te konn ap di de Martelly, Jounal flanke tout nan yon sèl atik ak bon disèl... Kisa pou panse de sa?

Read the article: Haitian Leader's Power Grows as Scandals Swirl and tell us what you think about it...

The New York Times article is already spreading in social media with Martelly fans asking: "What de heck?" while the opposition is probably rejoicing...

Read the article and tell me: Do you think this article will hurt the president or not? What is your opinion about the article

What do you think about that?

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Marie P says...

We have always known Michel matelly to be the gang leader apart of his association in the killing of president jovenel

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Sakpakontanambake says...

mwen panse fok new york times pata bliye mete minm charge sa yo tou sou do paket ambassader ki ap suporte mately li, ,le pliziyer fwa yo minm rive bay manti pou yo kapab pi bien proteger youn dealer drugs, bandi ki se

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Mar says...

President Martelly has only tried his best to restore the country of Haiti.

Instead of writing about negative things that doesn't have anything to do with the progression of Haiti, you choose to focus on talking about people and their past. So stop writing bullshit and see the benefits Haiti has gained since President Martelly has been in office.

So shut the fuck

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Killyman says...

The new York times just published what we already know, it's not a surprise for anyone.

Corruption at every level.

Most of us are blind.

All the facts are there.

It's time for a real

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Patrick Josepph says...

Mwen kwe new york times tankou tout lot blan yo twompe yo sou vre pwoblem Ayiti yo paske moun kap bayo enfomasyon yo se moun ki pa gen entere pou peyi ya mache, se dilere saa, ke mwen fet nan yon peyi kote moun yo pa renmen devlopman, yo pa renmen moun pwop, si new york times te konn vre pwoblem lakay Clinton alk bush tap rezoud pwoblem yo depi lontan, Ayisyen mete barikad devan devlopman pou li pa janm rantre Ayiti, e se sa ki fe Ayisyen ap travese sen domeng tankou rat ki tonbe nan rivye.Mwen pa kwe Ayiti te janm gen yon prezidan nan ote Mr Michel

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Mario Mothersil says...

I second what president Bill Clinton said about OUR PRESIDENT, Joseph Michel Martelly: "He is the best president that haiti has ever had".

All of the different individuals who criticize OUR PRESIDENT are the frustrated political dinosaurs who have been in the haitian political arena for decades and have never achieved much. People like Zaboca Andre Michel, Doctair Turnebre Delpeut, Saynatair Dieuseul DeuxRat, Ti-Moise Djol Si, and others need to retire and allow the capable new generation to take over the rein of leadership.

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Grinn Sonnin says...

This is the problem of the Muslim people with the West, they always takes pleasure in criticizing others, to put their nose in things that not really concerned them, while they have uncleannesses home to correct.

Why they don't speak nonsense of their former president George Bush, racist police officers who kill blacks for nothing, innocent children they kill with their bombs in their own country, people they kill when they no longer need them, the electric chairs that they continued to be used to execute people in the 21st century, Everyone nowadays try to say anything about Haiti, while that there is much more dirtiness happening in their

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Henry Myrthil says...

Whatever the NY times is saying now is more or less poly well known facts.

Definitely having someone like that as the head of a state does not reflect good on the country and it's

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Evena Sou Facebook says...

Kite mele nou?

Yo men m yo pa fout pi koronpi?

Te kwe se yo ki ban leson nan koripsyon.

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Stanley Sou Facebook says...

Pou kisa yo pa al ankete sou bann polisye kap pede tire nwa yo pito, patou ozetazini.

Ak tout lòt krim yap mache fè nan mond

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