Haiti Politics - Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime asks: What was President Martelly doing Ouanaminthe in the first place?

An old interview that Carl Fombrun gave to then Musician Michel Martelly back in 2005 became the subject of a heated interview Friday between Tamara Orion of Haiti Radio Signal FM and Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime Regarding the Ouanaminthe Haiti incident Thursday in which President Martelly complained about the construction of a stand. Senator Bien-Aime asks: "What was president Martelly doing in Ouanaminthe in the first place?"

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Senator Bien-Aime who is the senator for the Ouanaminthe area was asked a simple question by the radio host; it went something like this...

Tamara: "Senator, yesterday president Martelly was in your area, were you present?"

Senator Bien-Aime: "Yes I was in Ouanaminthe, I notice the president came but I hope, when you see him, you ask him what he came to do or what he came to say because he said nothing and did nothing... I don't think he came do do anything meaningful?"

Keep in mind, Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime is one of the "Groupe des 6" Senators who is against the Martelly Government so I am sure you cannot expect less of him; however, The men went on and on linking Martelly to drugs, stealing, and all kinds of things, while ONLY referring to a YouTube video where then Musician Michel Martelly confessed to some mistakes he made in the past before he even started his musical career and the steps he took to correct them.

Senator Bien-Aime said many things when the question was about the incident that happened in Ouanaminthe Thursday.

Interestingly enough, Tamara Orion told the Senator flat out, "a Senator cannot say things like that," If it was anybody else, she would hang up on him, (Si se te yon senp individu ki tap pale, mwen t-ap gentan ramne li, men la se yon senateur de la Republique k-ap pale).

"W-ap pale de emission 'Le Coin de Carl'," Tamara said reminding Senator Bien-Aime that he was talking about things Martelly said during an interview given to host Carl Fombrun who interviewed him back in December 2005, "men nou pa nan le Coin de Carl..."

Did you get a chance to hear the Interview on Haiti Aujourd'hui on Haiti Radio Signal FM today?

Perhaps you can yon share your opinion about what he had to say.

What do you think about this?

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Jean Se Jean says...

Well ignorant is going to stay

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Paula says...

je pense que le président a le doit d aller ou il veux, et il est haïtien le pays appartiens a tous, je pense tout le monde a faire des erreurs dans leurs passées, y compris le sénateur car les parfaits n'existe pas car on doit servit du passé pour

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Rene Florexil says...

prezidan gen dwa pou vizite nenpot kote nan tout kwen peyi

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Subject: Haiti Politics - Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime asks: What was President Martelly doing Ouanaminthe in the first place? edit

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