FLASH: Haiti - Senator Evaliere Beauplan says: JOVENEL Moise has to leave the country

Haitian opposition Senator Evaliere Beuplan makes it very clear... We are not in phase two, president JOVENEL MOISE has to GO!

Senator Evaliere Beauplan vs President Jovenel Moise
Senator Evaliere Beauplan vs President Jovenel Moise

"The movement has moved to its second phase," Beauplan said. "The people talks to much, we are concious that Jovenel isn't doing anything. We are conscious that Jovenel is the obstacle to PetroCaribe."

The second phase of the movement is Jovenel. "Fok Jovenel ale!" President Jovenel has to go, Senator Beauplan said. "We cannot reduce the country to a single person named Jovenel."

"We are clear on this," he said.

According to the opposition senator, for people to find justice, for the people to go to school, go to university, for our brothers and sisters to stop going to Chile, for our cities to stop living in trash, there is only one solution, Jovenel has to pack his bags and to to Senator Beauplan said.

Beauplan is asking the private sector and the international community to help him get rid of the President Jovenel Moise.

The senator made this declaration after the October 17 2018 street protests live on Radio Eclair on the program Matin Debat hosted by journalist Louko Desir.

What do you think about that?

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Agustin says...

Did nothing,
Clean up of the Artibonite valley to increase the rice production,
Try to get electricity 24/24
Amélioration du réseau routier du pays
Every time a gouvernent try to do something right for the country, those Anti-Haitian those Agents -Provocateurs travaillant pour le count des étrangers find a way to destroy, obstructed de façon le pays reste dans le

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Yves Jean-louis says...

it's a shame.

The Senator doesn't know the

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Andre says...

Yes he have to go cause he ain't do nothing for the country aba jovenel moise haiti don't need need

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Frantz says...

Se sa ki nouvèl lan?

Sa nou abitye tande l bò kote senatè an.

Se nòmal pou Evalirere Beauplan genyen sa a pa rapò sa l'ap defann.

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - Senator Evaliere Beauplan says: JOVENEL Moise has to leave the country edit

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