Haiti Elections Poll places Henry CEANT on Top of presidential BUT...

A presidential poll (sondage) being discussed live on the air on Haitian Radio Signal FM Friday morning places candidate Jean Henry Ceant on top of the list with 54 percent... But there is only one problem... The percentage total adds up to 201 PERCENT...

SONDAGE - Haiti Elections Presidentielles 2016
SONDAGE - Haiti Elections Presidentielles 2016

Here it is, the results of a poll by League Nationale des Statistiques according to the Radio Signal FM journalist:

SONDAGE - Haiti Elections Presidentielle 2016

  • Henry Ceant - 54%
  • Jude Celestin - 50%
  • Jovenel Moise - 42%
  • Moise Jean Charles - 35%
  • Maryse Narcisse - 20%

Read this: In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100...

This said... If you add up all the numbers in this poll/sondage, it expressed a fraction of 201... LOL...

This sondage was open for discussion live on the radio... Feel free to share your comments about it...

What do you think about that?

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What do you think about that?

Reply with your comments

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Cheria says...

nou tout fou....sondaj sou radio pa konte paske se fanatic radio a kap repon sondaj la....si yon moun pou ceant, lap kout radio ki voye ceant monte...si yon moun pou jovenel moise, yap koute radio ki voye jovenel moise monte etc....

dayer nou pa bezwen sondaj pou wer kiyes ki pi popile.

Nan fait embesil, gran neg mimi miyow yo fait Jovenel Moise vin pi popile avek pep la, avec payizan yo, avek moun ki merite chanjman tout bon vre yo....San prejije, Jovenel MOsie ap kraze terrain tout kote li pase....li fait tout bagay li pwop ak lod e discipline.

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Cheria says...

radio station polls are partial! only a fool would defend the case that Jovenel Moise has become even more popular for this round of elections.

Forces will do their best to deny him the presidency a second time, but I don't think the majority of the public, the voices that truly matter, will allow another misapplication of justice.

Haiti is a hot

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Jean says...

Pou kisa neg sa yo pa al aprann konte.

Henry Ceant prepare sondaj la, malerezman Ceant pa konn konte.

Ceant met retounen onarak poul li ale nan

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Paul Bance says...

Congratualtions, Henry Ceant.

Haitian people, vote for Henry Ceant, Henry Ceant will bring change, change Haiti needs.

Get together around Henry Ceant.

Henry Ceant has a plan for the Haitian people, Henry Ceant is fighting for a better future for the Haitian people.

Get out and vote for Henry

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mwen satisfè ak Henry Ceant nan sondaj

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Haitidwechanje Sou Fb says...

Sa se manti, epi gro man, Jovenel Moise toujou nan tet pozisyon an Ayiti.

Anyen pa chanje pep la ki

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Robert Sou Facebook says...

Sak pi popilè ya fè pi piti, nou ginlè fou...

MARYSE prezidan anvan

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