10 Haitian Senators whose term will expire soon want to stay in power until 2021

The term of the following Haitian senators will expire very soon: Antonio Chéramy, Evalière Beauplan, Nawoom Marcelus, Jacques Sauveur Jean, Carl Murat Cantave, Wilfrid Gélin, Ricard Pierre, Hervé Fourcand, Saurel Jacinthe and Francener Dénius.

PHOTO: Haiti - Senators of the Republic

These senators are referring to the Haitian Constitution saying that senators are elected for six years, so they should leave in 2021.

According to Senate president Youri Latortue, there is a huge conflict when elections are not held on time. The same constitution that says the senators are elected for 6 years also says one third of the senate must be renewed every two years.

"The senators, according to the Constitution, are elected for six years but at the same time another article stipulates that the term of the senators is renewable by thirds. These two articles are complementary. When elections are held on time, there is no problem. But if elections are not on time, we must determine the mandates while respecting the constitutional time of the election of senators"

Youri Latotue believes that this problem is due to the fact that elections never takes place on time in Haiti, according to Le Nouvelliste.

The newspaper explains, the Electoral Council (CEP) led by Leopold Berlanger did not clearly fix the duration of their mandate.

In an attempt to fix this problem, the National Palace and the Senate have formed a joint commission composed of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Rénald Lubérice, and the special advisers of the Head of State Liné Balthazar and Gerd Pasquet, for the Executive, and Senators Carl Murat Cantave, Ronald Lareche and Kedlaire Augustin for the Senate.

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