Haiti Political Robo-Call Mistaken For A BOMB Threat, Fort Bragg US Army Base Evacuated!

The other day I received a robo-call from Michel Martelly, Candidate for President of Haiti. Is it possible that this same robo-call caused the evacuation of A U.S. Military Army Base in Fort Bragg North Carolina?

This is not a Joke... Fort Bragg was evacuated on Wednesday!

Read this from newsobserver.com...

A Haitian political campaign's robo-caller dialed the wrong number Wednesday when it blanketed Fort Bragg with missives that sounded like bomb threats.

The recorded messages were spoken in a man's voice in what sounded like a combination of broken English and a foreign language. Some who heard the message thought they could make out one word:


Two units evacuated their buildings. Base emergency teams searched the buildings and found nothing suspicious.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI were able to trace the calls to a Haitian political campaign. The caller was speaking in Haitian Creole.


  • Was it Sweet Micky? LOL...

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For the record... I am not saying that the Fort Bragg robo-calls came form the Micky campaign but... It was the only robo-call that I received on my cell phone?

Personally... I think it is a very clever idea but...

Will the US Military think the same way? LOL

Did you get any robo-calls from Haiti asking you to call your family and tell them to vote for a candidate?

Who was it from?

What do you think about all this?

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Msquare says...

I laughed a lot when I heard about it last month.

Michel Martelly is a man with a big tone of voice.

I imagine that when he was speaking he used his big tone and also used some words like Tonton Makout, Tet Kale. The US Marines went to translate it and realized that "Tonton Makout" was and oppressive group in the past. When they went to translate "Tet Kale", "Tet" means Head and "Kale" meant to them "coupe" or cut. "Tet Kale" was obviously to them "Koupe Tet".

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Melilou says...

I did not receive the call myself.

But who ever it was from, I think it's a creative action.

Bravo! Haitians needs to start thinking outside the box. In the US when a student is running for president or class representative, they use all their skills to motivate their peers to vote for them and demonstrate the benefits if they do so...

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Willy says...

bon komante pam se elimine zafe electyon an haiti re met le payi avek americain canada paske nou gen trop tan nap lite su fos nou an yen pa janm machepou ti pep la tout neg ki pase su puvwa son paket vole yo ye nou dako ak you referandom pou we si pep la pa tap di viv americain remet peyi bay

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Lilou says...

I did receive a Robo-call on Thursday fro a Miami number...though not sure which politician now. I was surprise to have received it. Interesting enough it was soon after sending funds to Haiti.

How are they getting our

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Paul Cormier says...

My mother received this same call. She also thought that it was some kind of threat, as my former director of my foundation in Haiti was let go a number of months ago. After recording this call and playing it to my new director, he said it was a campaign message from Michel Martelly.

I have know clue on how they got my mother's number.

I'm thinking that the number was gained from either the Digicel or the Voila network, as I've used both of these networks to call my mother from

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Guillaume says...


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Marie Meus says...

I received a phone call from Michel Martelly also, please can somebody tell me where he got my

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Saint-turon says...

They got your number from Western

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Gimie says...

I am really tired of all. It is very sad to see how citizens of my country are suffered.

I wish I could have done something to help them out. Yes I was wondering how Michel Martelly has found my number and left me a message yesterday and asked me to vote. Actually he is the last person I would vote for...I feel really sorry for those who still live in

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Evens From New Jersey says...

i already receive a phone call from michel martelly told me to vote for him, i ask myself where martely found my number and the others, that's crazy, ur phone, means private personal phone i pay my bills all time with no late payment cuz i am workin so hard, please can somebody tell what happens

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