Haiti - Ministre Rudy Hériveaux on the Hot Seat for calling the Opposition Cockroaches

Haiti Minister of Communication Rudy Hériveaux published an article last week titled "Le Syndrome du Cafard" (The Cockroach Syndrome) referring to the Haitian opposition as cockroaches who who will spoil the food even if then cannot eat it... Rudy Hériveaux was on the hot seat this morning in an interview with Marie Lucie Bonhomme on Radio Vision 2000.

Did you read Heriveaux's article?

Read it here: Le Syndrome du Cafard par Rudy Hériveaux

Did you listen to his radio Interview this morning?

Marie Lucie was not too about the part of the text where Heriveaux called the opposition "Ces Cafards" (These Cockroaches)

The text translates to this:

"In a kind of destructive frenzy, these cockroaches are agitated in a disgusting folklore in the streets to try to leap to power. A sad spectacle almost daily, symptomatic of stupidity of some political retrograde, frozen in the old-fashioned and old demagogic practices that have done so much damage to our country..."

Read the article here: Le Syndrome du Cafard par Rudy Hériveaux

What do you think about it?

Do you agree or disagree with Ministre Rudy Hériveaux on this matter?

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Bonito says...

This minister exemplifies the "obscurantism of the Duvalier years at its best".

We should thank the likes thereof on the political stage and in positions power over the last 60 years for having given as result the Haiti of today.

1954-2014, and the more the people of the world progress, the more Haitians

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Patrick Princivil says...


The Police Chief: Godson Orelus has to find very strong chemical to spray these Cockroaches in the manifestation and make sure police spray all of them who participate in the manifestation and make sure these big Cockroaches destroy within one or two months forever.

More they come, more you spray them until we don't have anymore, until no more to steal people's container in (La douane), until no more in EDH etc.

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Jean P says...

i agree with him the oposition needs to get a

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John says...

He is right that opposition don't know what they want, the deputes vote the law the senates must vote that law, if not they think they are in wrong

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Marie says...

He is totally right He knows what he's talking about and who they are these individus...they do not want peace in

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