Haiti - List of 27 Candidates for President for 2016 Elections Do-Over

We have the list of 27 Candidates who have decided to participate in the Haiti Elections do-over in October 2016 and we wanted to share it with you..

Here is the complete list as per Le Nouvelliste:
Les 27 candidats ayant confirmé leur candidature

  1. Maxo Joseph (Randevou)
  2. Maryse Narcisse (Fanmi Lavalas)
  3. Daniel Dupiton (CONAPPH)
  4. Jean-Hervé Charles (PENH)
  5. Luckner Désir (MPH)
  6. Roland Magloire (PDI)
  7. Marie-Antoinette Gautier de (PAC)
  8. Jude Célestin (Lapeh)
  9. Joseph Harry Bretous (KOPA)
  10. Marc-Arthur Drouillard (PUN)
  11. Jean Bertin (MUR)
  12. Gérard Dalvius (PADH)
  13. Kesler Dalmacy (MOPANOU)
  14. Amos André (FURH)
  15. Vilaire Cluny Duroseau (MEKSEPA)
  16. Durandisse Joseph G. Varnel (Retabli Ayiti)
  17. Cornely Jean Ronald (RPH)
  18. Jean Poincy(RESULTAT)
  19. Sampeur Jacques (KLE)
  20. Edmonde Supplice Beauzil (Fusion)
  21. Jean- Chavannes Jeune (Canaa)
  22. Nelson Flecourt (Olahh baton jenès la)
  23. Jovenel Moïse(PHTK)
  24. Moise Jean-Charles(Pitit Dessalines)
  25. Jean-Henry Céant (Renmen Ayiti)
  26. Jean Clarens Renois (Unir-Ayiti-Ini)
  27. Diony Monestime (indépendant)

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Neglakay says...

27 candidates is certainly better than the 54 we had during the Opont's time but still too many for one position.

Particularly when most of them know they don't have a chance at being elected.

So Why are they in the race if there will be no money for their parties this time around?

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I would like to congratulate all of the candidates and I am sorry that MOPOD is not represented.

I cannot wait for my party Jah Love to participate in Ayiti's election in the coming years.


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Subject: Haiti - List of 27 Candidates for President for 2016 Elections Do-Over edit

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