Haiti Has The Potential To Be A Leader In The Caribbean, Clinton Says

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton says Haiti has the potential for sparking competition in the Caribbean that would transform Haiti into a regional leader.

Bill Clinton and Michel Martelly

During the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, September 19, 2011, Clinton made some really good predictions for Haiti and raise some issues that does NOT make business sense. He predicts that addressing these issues will shoot Haiti straight to the top.

Issue: Haiti has cheap labor BUT high energy costs

Clinton says electricity rates in Haiti are the highest of any country in the Caribbean, a region with the most expensive electricity in the world.

Fix: Clinton says this is insane... "If we maximized their potential for hydropower, for agricultural waste, and for solar and for wind - you did it all - then you can have backup generators on the days the wind did not blow and the sun did not shine... but the cost for manufacturers and for all other businesses would drop dramatically."

Issue: Failed leadership and Government red tape

Failed leadership in the past 40 years drove Haitians to the poor house and scared potential investors.

Fix: President Michel Martelly plans to fix that. He will present two bills to Congress, "One will shorten the time it takes to open a business, and the other one, to shorten the time it takes to get a construction permit," Martelly said

Issue: Insecurity and the rule of law

According to Voice of America, Clinton praised Martelly's plan to increase Haiti's ability to compete for investors by pursuing the rule of law and making sure that contracts are honored.

Bill Clinton says...

"I do not want to minimize this. This is a huge, huge change for Haiti that I predict to you - if they do it right - they will move to the top in the region and then they will spark this race all over the Caribbean, where people will try making it a user-friendly place instead of a pain"

What do you think about all of this?

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Based on an article by VOA

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Ronald Altieri says...

Thank you Bernadette for the inclusion of RESPE into the list. I am certain that you know the omission of RESPE, from the list, was as a result of trying to copy too much to paste and not knowing as much as i should on the subject.

Again thank you for you positive comment.

Please know that i am equally touched by your insightfulness.

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Bernadette says...

Very good Ronald, there is one more group that deserves to be included: RESPE - Regwoupmen sitwayen pou espwa- Charles Henri Baker
I believe you wish Haiti's moving forward that is inclusion, new concept for us Haitians.

These people can create a dent towards justice if they put their heads together.

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Ronald Altieri says...

Min yun list group politik ki gin en Ayiti.

Sim manke yun ou deu ajoute'yo pou mwen silteple.

Lew wap pense ou ka remarke si tout chef group politik sayo te kole cervo ou kwe peyi pata prop ak fierte mim sil ta economikman pov; mtekwe drapo'a di L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE.

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Sergo Jean says...

Yes we could be a leader in the Caribean, If we use the fatra to make gas, Help the kidnappers to become a good citizen, change the Mafias with suit to be good, change our environment with good things, let our peoples know all truth and the right things to do.It's a bluff, if we still have the same policies of trash without changing our mind, thinking,In vision.

Haiti will be a leader, when the Haitian people believe in good things for their country and Help

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x, everyone in this blog knows that i am a confuse, low IQ's retarded to the max.
please, say something new, something that i don't know about myself.

Just imagine a retarded, derange man like me don't like Aristide!
Something is wrong, definitely wrong.

Remember some people don't deserve to live, specially useless F like you and

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Agent-x says...

Jean Pierre Alexandre you are a confused low IQ. Agent Y has not been assigned to our political bureau.

Thus, stop making a foul out of yourself.

Any 7 years old who reads this blog will be able to tell the difference between our agents.

A dog has better power of observation than you. That is why you are in the Duvalierist camp of assassins and

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Agent-y says...

Jean Pierre, i guarentee you that agent-x will say that it was not him that wrote this message on August 28th of this year

USA East Coast Haitians are praising Aristide for protecting them

Agent-x Says...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x, eat your heart out sucker.

I rather be under Commonwealth of United states or any other S H I T around stead having Aristide as my leader.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Mm, se tou pa tout't Ayityen a la rond bade.
Min, ti neg Ayityen kin trop tou nan manch chimiz'yo.
An nou

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Agent-x says...

This is a good speculation regarding the hidden motives of the so called Good Shepherd whose job is probably to set up in Haiti the sociopolitical infrastructure to facilitate the take over of Haiti as disguised Commonwealth of the United States for its vital interests.

That means our property belongs to the US. The laws of the jungle is still a reality.

Imagine a powerful man enter into your house and claims he should have sexual privilege with your wife or daughter because he has the might.

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