Five Uruguay Peacekeepers Going To Jail Over Haiti Assault

The five Uruguayan MINUSTAH peacekeepers who sexually assaulted the Haitian boy in Port Salut are going to jail.

Haitian Prison Guards Les Cayes Haiti

They were indicted by a military tribunal in Uruguay.

How long is the jail sentence?

They were charged with disobeying orders, that is punishable by four months to four years of prison.

They were also charged with "dereliction of duty" What is that??? They could serve up to three years in prison for that.

I did look up "dereliction of duty" Incapacitation to peform your duties... This is usually what a soldier are charged with if he is cought sleeping while on-duty, getting drunk and being unable to perform his duties, or vacating his post contrary to regulations.


Like they say in America... Has justice been served?

Assuming that these peacekeepers did RAPE a young boy in Haiti, do you think the senence fits the crime?

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Marleine says...

Nope thats not enough.

the main reason all these happen was because Johnny Jean got rape and they should punish them for that...

WOW they really treat us like animal


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Rolande says...

The question here is " Are they really in jail " and if they are, did the punishment fit the crime?

One cannot forget that we haitians are seen as the poor black people and those guys of the Minustah feel like they are doing us haitians a big favor by being there.

So why not rape a few niggers, what would happen to us. That's what they're thinking and this rape is one that we know of, what about the ones that were not mentioned or should I say

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Myrtho says...

It's a joke.They are using big words that don't mean anything to us.IN addition dereliction of duty doesn't carry the same charge as rape .which is punishable to 25 years of prison every where .What it has to be different in Haiti?

I can admit that we are very poor but we know our rights.The sentence is not enough.

After all it is clear that the presence of those peacekeepers is not for protection but for destruction.They have done enough harm .They have to go back where they came from. We need our space .Let's take care of our business to the best of our of knowledge.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Gabby, violence will always with us if we don't put a stop to it.
Why Haitians always a victims for centuries?

In this country i learn who to fight back with satisfaction.

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Mm says...


We hope that they are really punished for their act. Those who are in such poverty dont have to have such treatment.

They need our compassion, assistance or help. Thank you Mr. Martelly.

May God help that boy to leave properly and peacefully...Plus, we have no idea about our young girls who are rippen every day there...who can not put a word out...leaving with such

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Gabby says...

Jean Pierre Alexandre,

My brother, we have too many bigger issues in Haiti to waste energy and money into violence.

This is a good sign. Prior President Martelly, Haitians would get murdered in neighboring D.R. and the perpetrators would get away with it because we had no voice, no one to fight for us. A cockroach like preval would say what the boy had no business in that room and would do nothing about it. Now we have a real president that will fight for the rights of all Haitians; not only at home, but

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...


Who they are kidding?

This is in sin.
What about the rape?

We should send a group of assassins over there to teach them a lesson.

We need assassins network just like the Israelis to protect our

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