Jean-Claude Duvalier In The News Again... For Dining Out!

There is a long article about Jean Claude Duvalier on the San Francisco Chronicle about Baby Doc Jean Claude Duvalier dining out and attending jazz concerts in Haiti instead of being prosecuted...

Jean Claude Duvalier

Yep... The people want to see the Trial of the Century but instead...

Baby Doc ap jwi jenes li... Viv Haiti cheri... LOL...

The article says...

Victims of Jean-Claude Duvalier's regime hoped for justice when he came home in January...

Instead of the trial of the century, Haitians are watching as the once fearsome "president for life" is squired about the capital, attending jazz concerts and dinners out of reach of all but a tiny fraction of the impoverished country... [I hate that word 'impoverished country']

The 60-year-old may die before he can be prosecuted...


Viv Divalier... A vi... LOL... (Baby Doc, si wap li sa-a fok ou peye wi bos!)

Read the article here and...

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Marie Bertrand says...

What is wrong with dining out?

You tend to hold president Duvalier responsible for all that ails Haiti.

In the free world, especially in the United States, presidents are not held responsible for police abuse, for people wrongly jailed, so why should our ex president be treated any differently.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

RE: Jean-Claude Duvalier In The News Again...

For Dining Out!

Agent-x Says...

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Paule says...

in your reply you say forte, did read your reply before sending yes I have a vocabulary problem, but like I said instead of focusing on Jean Claude let's look at aristide who become a millionaire in less than 4 years let's talk about that with 80% of haitians who cannot read, taux infantile 61, 90 % of us don't have drinking water, with all the money you got when aristid was in power buy me a are so stupid with your reply it's been twenty one years vole ponpe ou chire, pouvwa ca wap we li apres yon lot 30 ans enko viv Haiti, aba lavalas sale nou pran li nou pran n

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Agent-x says...

You don't know the history of Haiti.

Before you makes comments on thing that you don't know, read books about Haitian history.

Probably, I were among the youngest adolescents that were in Francois Duvalier political bureau in Port-Au-Prince.

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Agent-x says...

Paule, you have a serious vocabulary problem but it is not apparent to you.
I am suggesting that you should start reading the New York Times every day for the next 10 years coupled with Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition before replying to me. Meanwhile, Do yourself a favor, keep reading my writings to improve your anemic vocabulary.

My suggestion to you is based on your ignorance and unfamiliarity with the most basic words as evidenced in your writing as follow ► "what do you mean by forte or fault i don't think you could make people jump,..."◄
Send me your address.

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Paule says...

when jn Claude Duvalier left he left Haiti with minoterie d'haiti, ciment d'haiti, welsh, usine sucriere de darbonne where are they now most of them are gift giving by aristid to big company Haiti is left with nothing, now tell me who's at fault jean claude or aristid, jean claude father left him with millions aristid was a poor ptsd when took power after 5 his one of the richest men in Haiti, pace mwen reusi san pep la pito mwen ecwe ak pep la, ou sonje li reyici pep la echwe.what's up with

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Paule says...

what do you mean by forte or fault i don't think you could make people jump, because a stupid like you who has a slave morality with a sociopath thinking can not tell when me when to jump. anybody can see that in 21 years the lavalas regime disgrace Haiti with a man like moise jean charles who can even spell his name right now is a senator of the think you can make people jump with your stupidity think

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Agent-x says...

Paule, thinking is not your forte.

Do not say "I think..." again because you don't have the necessary apparatus to think.

Let agent-X do the thinking for you while you follow Agent-X instruction.

And, when Agent-X instructed you to jump, you should say, how

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Paule says...

I don't think Jean Claude was the best leader in Haiti, do you really know your story this guy was a teenage boy when his father put him in power, I think that was a big mistake for the Haitian people.

comparing to aristid, preval, yes is the best but other than that I don't think

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Henry Myrthil says...

no one is above the law ; it's about time that we haitian people wake up and smell the coffee.

if there is proof of malfeasance against any one he should face the music the

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