Haiti Foreign Affairs

Dominican Senator says Haiti's new Army is a threat to the Dominican Republic

Dominican Senator Adriano Sanchez Roa says the army that Haiti intends to create poses a threat to the island and to the Dominican Republic...

Haiti Government moving towards better management of Foreign Aid

The government of Haiti has just agreed to become more efficient in the management of foreign aid money in the framework of partnership with financial partners such as the IDB (BID in French), the European Union and the World Bank.

TPS for Haitians - President Jovenel Moise : I Wrote to President Donald TRUMP Personally to ask...

In the matter of TPS for Haitians, Haiti president Jovenel Moise says: "I wrote personally to president Donald Trump to ask him to take a second look, to revisit this issue for me..."

Will USA Finance another Presidential Election in Haiti? Kenneth Merten Answers

Something to think about... The United States of America dished out 33 Million dollars to finance elections in Haiti that has official been stamped "NULL AND VOID" by the new electoral council (CEP)... SO... Do you think they will do it again???

FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Meeting with Danilo Medina in Barahona

Haiti-Dominican Politics update -- President Michel Martelly has just posted a photo of him in a meeting with Dominican president Danilo Medina in Barahona, Dominican Republic... For a bilateral meeting, they say...

Haiti must Apologize to Dominican Republic for Deportations smear campaign, Dominican Authorities said

Haiti Immigration -- The Dominican Republic wants Haiti to apologize for making the Dominican government look bad over its controversial immigration immigration policy... The Dominicans refuse to resume dialogue with Haiti until a formal apology is received, a Dominican news agency reported Tuesday.

Haiti - Delegation of US Diplomats, including Thomas Shannon, visits the Senate of the Rebublic

The Senate of the Republic of Haiti received a visit from a delegation of US Diplomats Thursday including Thomas Shannon, Counselor to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and Pamela White, the US Ambassador to Haiti...

If you really love Haiti, don't taint her, don't bloody her, US Ambassador Pamela White says...

US Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White is asking everyone who claim they love Haiti to preach by example by actively working and contributing to its advancement, but not by tainting its image or killing the dream of the people of Haiti...

Haiti to host 45th General Assembly of the OAS in 2015

BIG NEWS - The next General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS, OEA in French) will be held in the Republic of Haiti in June 2015... I didn't want to believe it but it was posted in Big letters on the official twitter page of the OAS: "@OAS_official: Haiti to host the XLV General Assembly of the OAS in 2015 "

US Secretary of State John Kerry has notified the Congress that Haiti is taking steps to hold free and fair elections

United States Secretary of State John Kerry has notified the U.S. Congress that Haiti is taking steps to hold free and fair elections. His official statement was published in the Federal Register and includes the following statement: