Haiti - The new elections will cost 55 million US dollars

Read this... Haiti needs 55 million US dollars to organize the new elections..The Haitian government already have 30 million available, a spokesperson from the National Palace said, but the International community has turned its back... So where will the rest of the money come from?

Haiti Caricature - Prix Election an, se De Men nan Tet

Two round presidential elections, two rounds for one third senatorial elections, the remaining senatorial and depute elecitons, local elections for CASECs and ASECs, this is the plan that requires this whopping 55 million US.

Privert recently complained that 100 million US dollars was wasted in the 2015 elections. So this must mean that this new 55 mil will not be a waste...

What do you think about that?

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Concern says...

They need to continue with the Election, the result would not change.

They just have to put things in place for the second round of the election so that it can be a clean and safe election run off.
Why are they wasting time and resources, the two candidates for the second round should be put to the test. Doing over the election will not bring a different result, the people of Haiti have already say what they need. Listen to the voice of the people so that a change can be made in

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Haiti Economy says...

The Do Over election should cost less money than the previous election.

Only the presidential candidates with lots of votes should re-register for new election.

Just a dozen should participate in the new election.

All 54 candidates in the new election is a waste of time and money.

Only the well known and most popular with lots of votes in the previous election should re-register for the new

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Patrick Princivil says...

Kalmé nou! Rété tèt frèt!

Dépi 1804; rivé jiska 2016; Grande puisans yo mété ak pwòp zansèt nou yo pou yap fè nou monté maswifé.

Si pwòp nou-menm nou pa vlé antan nou, kiyès ki pwal fè jès la pou nou?

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