Haiti Post Election - WILLOT Joseph Reponds to 3 Candidate-Haters of Jovenel Moise

Haiti post-Election Update -- Willot Joseph, the PHTK candidate for Senator (centre), came to the rescue of his party candidate for president, Jovenel Moise, Tuesday, after 3 other candidates; came out making all kinds of accusations that a 'MAGOUY Electoral' was made Jovenel's behalf... Compared to these candidates asking the population to rise up and protest against Jovenel, Willot Joseph asked everyone to relax, Do not listen to sore loosers encouraging you to misbehave...

Willot Joseph - Senateur Centre PHTK

KREYOL: Haiti Apre Election - Willot Joseph reponn 3 candidat, Sauveur, Steven, ak Ceant ki tap pale gro kose FRAUDE massive manifestation kont Jovenel Moise... Willot mande pep la POZE, pa kite pyes kandida perdan pran tet nou... kisa ou panse de sa???

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Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant

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These 3 candidates, Steven Benoit, Sauveur Pierre Etienne and Jean-Henry Ceant, came out full swing on radio SCOOP FM tuesday, accusing President Martelly and the rulling party of committing all kinds of frauds to make sure Jovenel wins.

Willot Joseph came to the radio to deny it all... "I know for a fact that Jovenel won in the Plateau Central," he said. Willot was in charge of Jovenel's campaign in the centre department.

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Harold Fleurine says...

mwen ta swete ke tout louzer al chache you coin yo lage kor yo paske paka gen 54 gayan, se yon sel gayan ki pou genyin depi louzer konmanse rele jovenel ap vale

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James Bond says...

3 Kandida sa yo pat tap janm genyen se sak fe yap made pep la fe dezod (Sauveur Pierre Etienne Jean-Henry Ceant) pou just mwen mouri yo pap prezida...

yo ka vin prezidan de tranzisyon, yo pap janm vote pou yo

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Subject: Haiti Post Election - WILLOT Joseph Reponds to 3 Candidate-Haters of Jovenel Moise edit

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