Haiti Elections - Why Do Haitian Candidates Campaign In The Diaspora?

This question is asked many times on local Haitian Radio stations in the diaspora: "Why do the Haitian Presidential candidates waste their time campaigning in the diaspora when they know we cannot vote in the Haiti elections?"

Believe it or not, I found the answer in a recent article published in the News York Times showcasing the recent visit of candidate Mirlande Manigat in Dorchester Massachusetts.

Mirlande Manigat tells the crowd...

"I know you can't vote because you're American citizens but I know you're thinking about your country..."

If they cannot vote, then what is Mirlande Manigat, and all the other candidates doing in the diaspora?

Ralph Myrthil, a local Haitian radio show host in Boston told the New York Times...

"We are almost one million people who are living out of Haiti... They need our voices even though we can't vote... When I send money to my mom or girlfriend or little brother, I'll say 'vote for whomever.'

We play a key role in the campaign in Haiti, and that's why the candidates come to the Diaspora..."

Rice University professor Mark P. Jones says...

"If you can gain the support of one person in Boston, it can translate to 10 people in Haiti"


Are you Haitian living in the diaspora?

Do you believe you have an influence in the Haitian elections?

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Jalamaral says...

Si ou ap chache discipline, elokans, sympaty.

pragmatic ou pa choisi Baker, bon mysyer se pa kalite sa yo ou bezwen.

Baker se yon moun ke leve chak jou ki gen yon plan a laction.

Se yon moun ki dirige entrepriz ki bien organize.

Yon moun ki jere agrikilti ki gen success.

Ou gen le pa konnen de ki sa ou ap

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Saint-turon says...

Micky manke finesse.

Madan Manigat gen twop finesse.

Baker bezwen plus elokans.

Pi bon chwa pou Ayiti=RESPE+RDNP

Manigat pou konesans; Baker pou pragmatisme ak disiplin; Martelly pou sasibilize moun.

Si nou vle: Celestin pou plis korupsyon; Anacassis pou

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

is this question asked just be asked,,or is it asked for truth,,because in truth, even the the haitians in haiti have not and will not have an effect on any elections,,how many times have the people's choice been revoked,,how many coups have there been on elected presidents..the haitian people needs to be organized, each province has to be allowed to organize its people, its resources to share and trade amongst themselves the diaspora from each province needs to bring their finance skills and expertise to their home town..we dont need politics to organize,,we need to stop fooling ourselves my beautiful

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Roseline says...

because they are so stupid that's all i have to

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Tiba says...

Haitians seem to be getting more and more pathetic every passing day with no end in sight.

Just reading this rediculous rational thinking from these brain dead Haitians give me the chill.

And we, Haitians, and the rest of the world keep wondering why Haiti is doomed for ever.

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Haitian509 says...

That is bulls..., (Sorry for my language, im just being pissed right now) it has never been done like this before why now?

They need to convince those living in tents, dying with a cholera, not us in America.

To all of you candidates stop fooling people, once and for all let's really care about our country.

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Roby says...

I think it is time to end this addiction.

We are confronting a bad situation, really bad.IT is not time to ask people to give other money to vote for you.It is really unfair.That is why Haiti has this kind of problem now.Most of the population are not educated.They do not have or can not any inspection to figure out who is capable to govern Haiti.

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Bernadette says...

That goes without saying, one will always listen to someone who has your own survival in hand. The diaspora send money to support relatives and friends.

They in turn will listen to their political candidates of their choice.

The diaspora is somewhat voting through relatives and friends.

The diaspora can influence in-country

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Sergo Jean says...

Yo ap eseye maske moun ki an Haiti, yo konnen byen moun ki an deyo peyi ya pa ka vote e yo pa gen vot nan palman.

Si yo panse fe sa mwen kwe se pa mal men yo pa janm ouve bouch yo pou di ki sa yo pral fe an Haiti si yo pase. Premye bagay mwen ta renmen pou yo fe se pou yo di an Haiti a pep la nan kanpay yo kisa yap fe pou diaspora si yo pase.Men sa ke mwen we, mwen menm se pou Diaspora gen dwa poul vote an tan ke Haitien, poul gen dwa pou kandida pou senate, depute,magistra e otre, fok diaspora bay 3 senate e 3 depute pou represante l nan palman an Haiti, e se la pou ya l siege.yon Haitien ki reside an Haiti kit li pran nasyonalite de lot peyi ka ocupe ninpot ki pos an Haiti sof ke li pa ka prezidan si li pa fet nan peyi ya. Paske diaspora Haitien dwe konnen tout lwa kap vote sou do l an Haiti.

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Harold Fleurine says...

Why the candidates campagnes in the diaspora:Because they need our financial support and our relatives voters.

After elections they will not listen to anybody, they don't care and then also We keep recieving texte messagers almost

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