Haiti Elections - Vote Tabulation Center Ready for Action, Election Tèt Dwat

Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti's Vote Tabulation Center (CTV) is out of Hibernation and ready to count the votes once again... Starting Sunday evening, 09 Aug 2015, once the polls for the legislative elections are closed, the count will begin...

Counting The Votes, Haiti Vote Tabulation Center

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - Sant Tabulation an PARE pou konte tout vòt yo pou Elections Legislatif Dimanch yo... Ane saa, yo di PAP gen KOKEN... Ann swiv... LOL... Kisa ou panse de sa???

According to Haiti radio Metropole, the tabulation center will have NO ACCESS to the polls and ballots... the voting ballots will be preserved in the Departmental Electoral Offices (BED). Only the 'Proces-Verbals' written by members of the voting centers will be used to tabulate the votes.

There will be steps taken to verify the authenticity of these 'proces-verbals' including checks by lawyers at the CTV.

The Electoral council is trying very hard to dismiss any doubts of frauds in these elections...

What do you think about that?

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