Haiti Elections - President Debate in South Florida, How did it Go?

Haiti Elections Update -- There was a Haitian presidential debate in South Florida Sunday... 8 Candidates for president participated... If you want to get a good idea how it went, we suggest you read from the Miami Herald about it...

Haiti Presidential Debate in North Miami Florida
Haiti Presidential Debate in North Miami Florida

Did you get a chance to watch the debate live, online, or hear it on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM?

We've decided not to comment on this debate simply because, out of all the candidate who are leading in the polls in Haiti, not one of them participated in the debate...

I think Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald was on point in her article about the debate... The first paragraph says it all...

Haiti's presidential debate opened with the three Es: economy, energy and education. But the four well-known Haitian journalists posing questions struggled to get precision from the eight candidates who took center stage Sunday afternoon at North Miami Senior High School's auditorium before a cynical and raucous crowd.

Read more here:

If you got a chance to see or hear it, we'd love to year your opinion about it though...

What do you think about the debate?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Tout sé labouyi pou chat,

sé sèlman PHTK ki vini ak yon bagay sérié, dépi an 1955 rivé jiskan 2011 lan pat janm gen yon kandida ki té menm parèt ak yo jaden épis nan makèt Ayisyen an, si Jovel Moise pat nan déba sa a nan Florida konnen déba sa a pa enpòtan, sé PHTK kap mennen ak jaden bannan nan. Tout kandida ki bezwen fè déba kòmansé avèk yon déba ki itil pèp Ayisyen an dépi 2011 lan rivé jiska 2015 ; si kandida sa a parèt ak yon bagay kél té fè an Ayiti pandan 1 an sèlman réspè pou li, men sil pa janm rémèt anyen kòm kandida sé rasanblé yal rasanblé nan Miami tankou yon makòn rade sal pou yap radoté mwen pa bézwen tandé yo é mwen pa anvi li atik yo a.

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Benita Henry says...

I did not see the debate on TV and I did not hear the debate on radio.

The Haitian people in New York want a debate in Clara Barton High School in Brooklyn.

The Haitian people in New Yor want debate in Madison Square Garden, one in the City College.

This is a New Era, all Haitians in the Diaspora will

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