Haiti: Elections OR No Elections - The never-ending lack of TRUST in the Haitian Political System

I kept on asking myself why is it that there are no Haitian drama series on Television in Haiti... Then I realize, the biggest drama series in Haiti is Haitian politics... Every time the word "ELECTIONS" hits the airwaves in Haiti, "tout peyi a tet anba" (the country is upside down)...

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box

Li Atik saa an Kreyol...

Every Election season in Haiti, questions are raised:

  • Will there be an election?
  • Why should I trust the electoral council (CEP)?
  • Why is the International community sticking their nose where it don't belong?
  • Why don't we just start over again?
  • They are trying to prevent free and fair elections so because they just want to remain in power.
  • He is trying to control the Electoral council so he can win?

Let me tell you... Haitian politics is such a dramatic issue in Haiti that it leaves no room for other types of news to be reported... Everything else is: "Oh... By the way... Here is what else is happening..."

In Haitian politics, NOBODY trues NOBODY...

I am not sure this proper English but you understand my point... NOBODY trues NOBODY... The winner never wins fair and square (by that I mean nobody believes him/her) and the looser never admits that he lost, Nope... Se vòlè yo vole eleksyon an...

So my question is: If there is absolutely no trust in the Haitian political system, how can there be free and fair elections?

I already know what's going to happen: Whoever wins in the upcoming elections will be contested... Who ever looses will join the next opposition asking the winner to "Rashe manyok ou!"

What do you think about this?

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Woody says...

Kek fwa, mwen mande tèt mwen poukisa pa genyen okenn seri dram nan televizyon an Ayiti ...

Lè sa a, Mwen reyalize, pi gwo seri dram ki egziste nan peyi a se politik ...

Chak fwa mo "ELEKSYON" repete nan radio an Ayiti, tout peyi yon tet Anba

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Subject: Haiti: Elections OR No Elections - The never-ending lack of TRUST in the Haitian Political System edit

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