Haitian-American Mayor of North Miami gets a visit from the FBI with an Arrest Warrant

FLASH... Federal agents came knocking at the home of Haitian-American North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau Monday, May 19 2014, to charge her with mortgage fraud.... Say What??? Lucie Tondreau was not home at the time but the FBI had a warrant for her arrest...

Lucie Tondreau, First Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami FL

Tondreau's defense attorney, Ben Kuehne, told The Miami Herald that his client called him Monday after family members notified her that FBI agents had come to her North Miami home with an arrest warrant.

According the Herald, Tondreau has been charged along with other suspects in a criminal conspiracy case...

This is not the kind of news we want to read about the first-ever Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami... I hope she can weather the storm...

On the other hand... Politically speaking... I hope politicians in Haiti can learn something from this: YES you can get arrested if you do something wrong even if you are a MAGISTRAT...

What do you think about that?

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Peter Ronald Berlus says...

Mwen panse se manipilasyon yap fè pou sal imaj Ayisyen, pou ka fè konprann ke nou pap jann anyen.

An nou rete soudé.

Si nou ede yon frè oubyen yon soeur nou pote kwa ke system nan vle bay Marie Lucie Tondreau, se ap yon viktwa pou tout

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Paula Paillant says...

No one is above the

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Colette says...

I would like all the facts to be presented before passing any

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Manono says...

Sa ta dwe ka fet an Haiti men li pako posib.

Nou bezwen mete baz pou yon jistis reyel en Haiti.

Sa dwe komanse nan lekol nan inivesite nou yo nan la press men avek yon press ki pa sa nou gen la. Komanse moutre ti moun nou yo aprann reflechi depi nan pre k. Lap pran tan men li pa imposib.

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H Sallmon says...

We haitians must organized because if we look at the $500 millions me doff scheme orchestrated during the time where president Aristide was in power but no justice has been done so far but many that benefited from the cooperative chaos scheme are living big in the u.s and abroad with diplomatic

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Subject: Haitian-American Mayor of North Miami gets a visit from the FBI with an Arrest Warrant edit

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