Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe gets BAD Report from Cour Superieur des Comptes

Haiti Election Update -- Candidate for President Laurent Lamothe has just received an unfavorable report out of 3 from Cour Superieur des Comptes for his management of the Ministry of Planning (planification)... Lamothe immediately called a press conference at Hotel Le Plaza...

Laurent Lamothe - Ex Prime Minister of Haiti

According to news reports, former Prime Minister Lamothe received one favorable report for managing the Government as Prime Minister, another favorable report for managing the minister of Foreign Affairs; However, the third report for the Ministry of Planification raised eyebrows...

At 10:54 AM Tuesday, Laurent Lamothe tweets: "Conférence de Presse du Mardi 26 Mai 2015 à l'Hotel Le Plaza."

In that press conference, Laurent Lamothe said a lot of the irregularities int he report should not have been there because they are faults of other ministries and should not be put on his back.

Lamothe plans to file a complaint with "what's left of parliament" to force Cour Superieur des Comptes to remove everything on the report that should not have been there...

According to Laurent Lamothe, all 3 reports should have been positive because, as he puts it, he did a great job serving the country.

Will the Haiti Electoral council accept 2 out of 3 good reports as a passing grade when it comes to DECHARGE for Laurent Lamothe???

What do you think about that?

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Frantz says...

the prime minister did everything he could to lift up Haiti where it is now, everywhere you pass people are talking about Haiti even though the security is the main concern of the island.

what they want form him?

who did more than these two guys as president and prime minister.the advice that i can give to the Haitian people, make sure you vote for someone that can help the country out of that

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Josue Louis says...

He done his best to make a better

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Sherlie says...

Yap fè tout sa yo kapab pou sal nom Lamothe men yo pap reyisi paske pm nan travay pou peyi a e pou pèp li, sa bann enmi progrè yo pa vle wè a se li yap

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Bwasanfey says...

Is LL a Haitian

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Osnick Moise says...



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My Name Is Jean P says...

Hi my name is jean p MR laurent lamoth his is the good after president martelly laurent lamoth his will be the new president in haiti.

because his has the same way with president.

All haitien people like laurent lamoth his is the best

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Fred says...

Whatever they put on the third report shouldn't affect the man much. Or I put it this way, regardless of how he screwed on the third report he should still be able to participate in the election unless he took lives away which obviously the citizens will not

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe gets BAD Report from Cour Superieur des Comptes edit

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