Haiti Election Day May Be Extended Past The 4pm Deadline!

Haiti's Electoral Council (CEP) may extend the voting process past the 4PM deadline today - The main issue with the Haiti elections today is the fact that it started late because of the lack of Election materials such as INK and Ballot Boxes.

It is not confirmed that such an announcement has already been made.

If we hear anything we will update this article.


Are you satisfied with the way the election is going so far?

Are you please with the CEP's handling of the second round of the elections?

Reply with your comments.

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David Grant says...

How in God's name can this occur.

Is the CEP a bunch of cretin that do not know what they are doing?If one is responsible of a department such as the electoral office, he must be prepared for any eventuality.

It is mind boggling why they do not have sufficient ink and ballot boxes.

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Garry Destin says...

This is getting hot. Actually who is the koukou?

Is it Aristide, Preval...?

Ha ha ha ha
I like

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Subject: Haiti Election Day May Be Extended Past The 4pm Deadline! edit

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