Haiti Election 2010 POLL Question: Who Do You Think Will Win?

The Presidential Election in Haiti is Tomorrow, November 28 2010. QUESTION: Who do you THINK will win? Who do you WANT to win?

Why do you believe this candidate will win?

Why do you want your candidate to win?

Who do you believe ran the best campain?

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James says...

I think mrs myrlande manigat should be the one to win this election.

We need someone to represent us pollitically, interlectually, therefore Myrlande should be the one. Make a wise choice don't choose anyone by emotion like

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Guy Comeau says...

I can't believe that you are getting an advanced degree in Politics and your analytical skills is so bias...to say the least.

Were Manigat, Alexis, Bijoux were teaching you their own style of leadership?

or were they following existing ones?

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Crazyforhaiti says...

My dear friend, now am writing u this, am attending school at one of the famous university of Quebec.

It's exactly this type of people who master degrees we've been having on power that leads us here today at this this horrible point.

These people that belongs to out current politic class lead us here, it's been them since 1986 through aristide, preval, lesly voltaire, Mr. et Mme Manigat, both my former teachers when I was studying law in Haiti at universite Quisqueya, Jacques Edouard Alexis, former prime minister and my ex rector at Quisqueya, Mme. Bijoux former minister etc...

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Jameson says...

Its time for The Haitian people to realize that chak koukouy klere pou ge yo pap mennen peyi a okenn kote its time for Us to give a chance to someone with a high education so it's time for Mirlande

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Carlomix says...


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Jorie says...

Why going to school or sending your children to school?

Your candidate has only a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.

What about MORALITY?

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

it does'nt matter who wins, ,will the people win, will the winner have enough courage to do the nscessary to make the country independant, will the winner continue to involve the enemy in the people's affairs, will the winner be willing to give his or her life for the truth,,,,those who wish can answer me directly at (gciinc at live.ca),,,,thank

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Xdnmfdnm says...

Marhtely all the way, he is the new

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Pascale says...

We are ready for our change.

It will be.

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Antonio Tony says...




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