Haiti - Before Jovenel Moise, President Martelly warned the System will eat you alive

VIDEO: Did Jovenel Moise know this??? A few months after Michel Martelly became president of Haiti, he warned journalist in the Diaspora that "the system" will destroy anyone who tries to change it.

"Anyone who tries to change the system in Haiti will either get swallowed by it or you will be assassinated," President Michel Martelly said

By becoming president, I put my life at risk, I put the life of my wife and kids at risk, Martelly said.

"No one talks about 1,000 dollars since I've been at the palace, they talk about million, billions... No joke, that means there are mayor interest at stake," President Martelly said.

"You have to understand who are actively working to make sure that everything we do fails or appear to have failed."

"No single person can change this country. Even if we succeed in changing Haiti, it will take time," Martelly said.

What do you think about that?

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Yanick says...

Yesterday I Google how can the United States help Haiti the response was nothing.

Then I Googled why the Haitian money is so low and it said as long the business in Haiti continues to import from the United States and the Dominican Republic the country will continue poverty.

So that explains why Google could not give a solution.

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Fred says...

I blame it on the president.


Because when he found out he was the elected president he should've added a prison that can hold at least 300 thousand people, and two hospitals large enough to take in 150 thousand people each to his agenda.

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Subject: Haiti - Before Jovenel Moise, President Martelly warned the System will eat you alive edit

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