Haiti 2nd Round Elections Set for March

The second round of the Haiti presidential election has been set for MARCH... March 20 2011...

BUT... Aren't we supposed to have a new president on February 2011?

ANSWER: "The daily double!"

(That's a joke for all you Jeopardy fans!)


What will happen on February 7 2011?

  1. Will the office of the President of the Republic become vacant?
  2. Will President Preval stay for a few more months... (Is that constitutional? )
  3. Will Haiti have a transitional government?

I am asking you because...

Haiti's constitution says... in Article134-1:

The term of the President is five (5) years. This term begins and ends on the February 7 following the date of the elections.

Article 149 says...

Should the office of the President of the Republic become vacant for any reason, the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic... Blah. Blah Blah... shall be invested temporarily with the duties of the President... Blah Blan Blah...


Who was it that said... "Konstitisyon se papye... Bayonet se fe???" LOL...

Mwen swete se pa papye ijyenik!


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Franck says...

Mr. Preval should return the presidency to the Supreme Court and continue to have security for his home and family in Haiti for a

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David Grant says...

In Haiti, The law is always flaunted by those who swear to uphold it, and this why political turmoil and political impasse are the scourge the nation.

Haiti is a country of men and not of laws.
Every Haitian, whomsoever he maybe, and whatever is his social standing in the society, should cherish the constitution and ensure that it remain the highest law of the country, and be guided by it accordingly.

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Gerry says...

I think we can be patient for a couple of more months to have Mr. Preval transfer power to an "elected" president.

I don't think we need a group of failed politicians to come in to break the power cycle.

Sometimes we ought to think about the presidency rather than the president.

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Conscience says...

Democracy's jaded virtue is rooted in the following declaration:

The constitution of a democratic society is the people's tool by which they govern themselves and sculpture their future.

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