FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Leaving the Country at midnight tonight, Depute Danton Leger Says

Ex Leogane Depute Danton Leger says President Michel Martelly is leaving the country at midnight tonight; in other words, Martelly is going into exile... Danton Lerger says an airplane is already en route to pick up president martelly...

President Michel Martelly looks tired

KREYOL: Haiti - Depute Danton Leger di: Martelly ap KITE Peyi a a Minuit aswè a (Sa vle di li pwal en Exil)... Danton Leger di avion ki ap finn chèche l la deja nan wout... Misye fè deklarasyon saa sou radio Signal FM Samdi nan emission Moment Verite... Kisa ou panse de sa???

What do you think about that?

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Mjpoux says...

what you ask for others my fall on you. ASK THE PEOPLE WHO SUFFER BETWEEN 1957 TO 1985IF mr Matelly has committed crimes.



so far no FORT

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Party Labelle says...

Mateli pap ale onkinn kote. Se pou li rete nan peyi li pou l gade fint vagabond san konsians yo ki pense yo ka fe miyo.Nou gin je na we

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La Belle Creole says...

Nou pap sonje'w...Alez

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Freud Voltaire says...

I imagine that like most Haitians who have spent time in a foreign country you did not grow as a human being.

I do not see what Aristide has to do with this. You are such an IMBECILE and typical self-hating negro.

Although I would not expect you to know this, both the UN charter and the Haitian constitution prohibits the exile of anyone.

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Osnick Mois says...


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Talida Hayes says...

That's a horrible thing to say, no matter what a person does against your liking...to wish death upon them is

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I hope that the plane that carries him and his family crashes! He should be in prison for his crimes against Ayiti and her people.

And they should search his belongings and probe his accounts to make sure that he is not taking the treasury with him like Duvalier did. Blessed

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Jean says...

Siw ta we Matelli pran avion vre aswe a, konnen se ka madam Danton Leger li pral west palm beach Florida pou matelli fe le plin ak madam Danton leger kon danton leger pa ginyin bann Danton leger malfekte boule lekol pa

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Yonnel says...

Se youn nan rezon ki fe ayiti ap toujou rete pov paske chak prezidan ki fini mandal pran egzil le konsa yale ak tout lajan peyi ya nan bouda yo, li le pou sa

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Prince Rolando says...

So where he's going

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Leaving the Country at midnight tonight, Depute Danton Leger Says edit

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