FLASH: Haiti - US Marines READY to be Deployed on Haitian Soil

READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY... Vant Bef Info has just reported: According to information they receive, a "hybrid battalion" Marine corps based at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina is READY to be deployed on Haitian soil in case of riots in the country after Martelly leaves office Sunday... The United States plans to to send in the Marines for the protection of US citizens and/or US interests in Haiti where about 25,000 US citizens reside...

US Marines In Haiti

Keneth Merten, former US Ambassador to Haiti and Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department was deployed ti Haiti since Thursday evening, 04 Feb 2016, to ensure that President Martelly steps down on 07 February

US Secretary of State John Kerry has asked Kenneth Merten to be on the ground to oversee the transfer of power by the Head of State...

Read the article in French from vantbefinfo.com

To all of you fighting for power in Haiti, be careful what you wish for!!!

What do you think about that?

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Vil says...

Hen, mwen dako avek ou san pou san, tout haitien sa yo ki vle pou americain vin occupe payi a, yo pa konnin sa yo vle e yo pa vle responsabilite, yo bezwen chita croize pie pou moun ap bayo mange.

Sa nou bezwen se mete tet nou ansanm pou. pou nou dirige peyi nou e nou capab fel. Nou gin haitien consekan en Haiti e lot bodlo ki kapab fel. Sel sa nou bezwen se mete tet nou ansam e planifie pou peyi nou an. Men nou menm, nou kapab fel avek foelange ak

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Tontonmakout says...

We've done such a terrific job so

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Louverture Presume says...

I say yes us most send troops to haiti because some of Haitian people to violence please send them

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Neglakay says...

Not so quick Carl. They have been there before on several occasions, but not much had changed.

They know that as well. This is Haiti.

Special and hard to tame. That is our history.

Only Haitians can govern and save Haiti.

Hope some better ones take the lead this time around and save whatever is left of our

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Fernand Etienne says...

It's about

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Neglakay says...

Yes the situation is very volatile for the moment but it was expected since the International Community who supported Martelly in his Adelante doctrine, knows exactly about the President's involvement and intention about armed forces.

Minustah is still in Haiti and I don't see the need for U.S intervention.

The people, however, wants things done differently than in the past. Martelly, PHTK, the Core Group must open their eyes and ears to understand that. Any solution that does not satisfy the street will be a problem.

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Carl says...

Please take over

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Negbelair says...

Bravo Delta force te dwé desann deja bann tenten nou pavle wé martelly paské li tro prop pou ayisyen ebyen torom yo ap vin sou nou go USA hurry up get these worthless people out of power bann

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Delicien says...

Ameriken se papa yo ban manje chyen sa yo chak fwa yo bezwen fe moun pe yo di merin yo ap debake.

Se bon pou nou neg woz yo apa papa kap vini vant pral plen

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Hen says...

Se sa imbecil yo vle yo agi tankou yo gin gro ponyet Yo panse yo batay ak gro neg .Yo sot si yo te gin l'espri yo ta entann yo mete tet ansanm ak haitien parey yo minm si yo pa dako nan tout bagay min minm pou benefis pep yo ta bouche nin yo boue dlo santi ansanm kon sa nou pa tap bezwen lot mounn viv-n foure bouch nan zafe nou.Tout vacabon kap pale toujou di yo gin konektion epi se etranje, se blan .Jodia sa nou bezwen se collaboration antre nou. Aprann supote yon ancouraje lot.Tout otan yon ap devore lot se pot nou kite ouve pou lot moun vinn joue nan jouet nou. Haitien si nou mete tet nou ansanm nou pap bezwen okin pep pou vinn ede nou.Nou gin yon paket cervau nan peyi-a epi tou plus yon paket lot cervau kap fe ampil lot peyi mache au lie de haiti paske nou pagin tet ansam.

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