FLASH: Haiti Elections - PHTK Launches "Operation 2eme Tour"

Haiti Elections Update -- In a press conference Wednesday, PHTK Launches its new "Operation 2eme Tour..." Same mobilization, same determination, same solidarity to get Jovenel Moise to the National Palace, says porte-parole Rudy Heriveaux...

Rudy Heriveaux
Rudy Heriveaux

"They tried very hard to kick Jovenel out of the presidential race, to day he is going to reconfirm," Heriveaux said, "...The only way to prevent Jovenel from winning is NOT to hold elections"

I wonder if "Operation 2eme Tour" means Jovenel Moise is going to win this re-election in one round...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti Elections - PHTK Launches "Operation 2eme Tour" edit

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