Ex Haiti PM Claude Joseph now has his Political Party called EDE

former Haitian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Claude Joseph founded his own Haitian political party called Les Engagés pour le Développement (EDE)

With so many political parties in Haiiti already, why create another Haitian Polical party?

After the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, Prime Minsiter Claude Joseph thought is was important to create this new political project with which he aspires to attract the youth and revive a country that "is dying", acording to an article posted on MSN.

In the face of a regime such as the one being led by his successor Ariel Henry which, in his opinion, is marked by shadows of suspicion and endemic corruption. EDE is seem necessary.

Read this explanation from EDE's web site:

The creation of "EDE" comes from the observation of the deterioration of the socio-political, economic and cultural situation of the country. The radiography of the various Haitian crises has revealed the absence of enlightened leadership and effective governance capable of responding appropriately to the concerns of the Haitian people.

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Subject: Ex Haiti PM Claude Joseph now has his Political Party called EDE edit

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