Former Haiti PM Evans Paul expresses embarrassment after attending Core Group meeting with the opposition

Former Haitian prime minister Evans Paul, alias K-Plim, said he was so embarrassed coming out of a meeting between the Core Group and the Opposition against President Jovenel Moise. He explains why...

Evans PAUL, 17th Prime Minister of Haiti
Evans PAUL, 17th Prime Minister of Haiti

"We do not need foreigners telling us things are bad in Haiti. That people are are attacking businesses, that children cannot go to school, that they are attacking the police, burning down stores. That all these things make Haiti appear worse in the eyes of the international community. As Haitians we know that already," PM Evans Paul said.

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"They are diplomats. They wanted us, as Haitians, to find a way out of this crisis ourselves in dialogue," he continued.

"The opposition leaders who were present in the meeting held their positions asking for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise in an orderly but immediate fashion. Orderly and immediate are two words that cannot be part of the same sentence, because orderly cannot happen immediately," Evans Paul said.

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"Myself, I am for dialogue, entente, accord, vivre ensemble, " PM K-Plim said. "I am in favor of peace. No matter what there is always a way for us to get together."

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Evans Paul said both people in power in Haiti and those in the opposition are holding strong to their position "for the people;" yet, it is the people who are suffering the consequences of everything that is happening.

What do you think about that?

Haitian Creole: Men Zin... Ancien premier ministre Evans Paul (K-Plim) di li vreman anbarase pou se blan k ap di Haitien bagay yo grav en Haiti, met tèt nou ansanm pou rezoud li

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Staneazy says...

I don't understand these idiots.

You are opposing to what exactly.

How can you call yourself the opposition party when you can come up with any good idea to curve the problem of Haïti. They should all get locked up for treason and creating the

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Joseph Pierre says...

It's time to bring order to that country by arresting some people that are bringing chaos to the country.

They are not Patriots.

They are thugs looking for opportunities.

Lets be serious.

You dont built anything with people like that. They would make our Fathers

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Dufrezin says...

K-Plim achte yon kay thomassin sou non yon zanmi l ki nèg Gonaive pou 500.000 dola US, 1 an ministre

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