Duvalier HAS BEEN Arrested, Baby Doc Is under arrest

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier has been arrested by Haitian police after his surprise return from exile. Jean Claude Duvalier has been remove from his hotel room and is now under police custody.

Where has he been taken?

Penitentier Nationale?

Fort Dimanche?

HOLY SMOKES! Rete branche...

And please do me a favor, I need your help in keeping the information flowing.

If you are listening to Haitian radio, or watching the news, come back here and tell us what you heard What is your opinion about Duvalier's arrest?

Reply with your comments.

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Mete Aristide Nan Avion An Pou Woue Si Li Prale An Haiti Vre says...

se pou yo al leve mort francois duvalier pou yo jugel li, kite jean claude an repo li, ki sa li te guin tan fe mal nan ti tan li te fe presidan annn la?

e pi, ou bel presidan kon sa, nou pap jammm guin yin ou lot

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Josy says...

He might be dying of some terminal illness, and does not care about the outcome of hir return to Haiti.

You have to be insane to bring yourself to the "abattoir".

and cannot understand his motives.

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Heric says...

In the situation Haiti people living now those who cares for them what they do to take them out of the tent they are living after one full year nothing I hear that, nan 29 anne betwen father and son's was inpower the say that 30,000 peoples have been keel I was in haiti I leave the coutry jn 80 when I go back with no fear but now when your family hear you want to go Haiti they alway say becarful more people dies wet now in less then 25 years so now Haiti need help of all people are can you have people from all other country haitian natif natal paka antre nan peyil depitan nou la sanou fe pou malere kap soufri yo yap fe kadejak sou ti moun 13 ans kote 4 vagabon pase souli apre sa yo kouche manman an tou se moune sa yo pou nal arete se nou minm otorite sa ki fe haitien pagin

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Gessicaf says...

Quant a present, c'est l'epoque de la reconciliation pour la recontruction de notre pays. Qui est vraiment saint pour jeter la premiere pierre.

Malgre tout JCD etait tres calm.

Evenement a

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Gav says...

Its not good that they arrested baby doc.he left the country 25 years ago went Into exile In france, and In those 25 years has haiti become better for the haitian people In the absense of Jean Claude?

What have all those intellectuals done to improve haiti In the 25 years that jean claude was In france?

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Titus Eberne says...

je dois vous dire sincerement les haitiens n'ont pas aucune bonne comprehension si le president jeanclaud duvalier entre dans leur pays natal entant que encien dictateur prenne conscience de retourner pour apporter leur surport pourquoi qu'il merite d'etre souffrir le president preval est vagabon sans pideur sang sale imbessil neg sans honte mouin ki pi bon an voye premye kout roch

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Pape Yo says...

as far as i know, he should be charged for his crimes.

nevertheless, the country was in a better condition when he was in power.

haitians do not like democracy.

don't act like you do not know the country needs to send out a message to its leaders, no more corruption, no more killing.

let him clean the streets for 15 years as a condition of probation.

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Ronald Altieri says...

Thank you for the update Mr. Fourcand.

I understand the comedy that you referred to, and on a funny note it seems as if JCD is getting more popular by the minute.

We know that Preval is on his way out - either in February or May, and we also know that JCD is still a Haitian Citizen (as far as i know).

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Kkihaiti says...

he is the reason our country is the way it is he heard about how much money was given in donation and he wants to take the wealth once

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