Delay The Haiti Elections 2010 Final Results, OAS told Preval

The final results of the Haiti Presidential election was due to be announced on Monday December 20 but the Organization of American States (OAS) has asked the Haitian government to delay the announcement... and Preval will... But why?

There has been many HIGH level meetings happening behind closed doors regarding this election my friend...

Apparently, President Preval had requested technical assistance from the OAS for the verification of the very controversial Haiti election results...

So now... The OAS is requesting a delayed announcement in an attempt to find a solution to the political crisis in Haiti and... President Preval has submitted the OAS request to the CEP.

Point... Aller a la ligne!

Here is the official OAS press release...

Top OAS Officials Work to Find Solution to Political Crisis in Haiti
December 17, 2010

Two days after Haiti's President Rene Preval requested technical assistance from the Organization of American States (OAS) for the verification of the disputed election results, the Secretary General of the OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza has asked President Preval to delay the announcement of the final results, which were due on Monday 20th December, 2010.

The delay will allow the OAS to prepare a team of technical experts to head into Haiti to reinforce the Joint Electoral Observation Mission in an effort to verify the electoral documents and results provided to the Tabulation Center.

Preval has agreed to submit the OAS request to Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).

OAS Assistant Secretary General Ambassador Albert Ramdin travelled himself to Haiti this week, with the hope of finding a solution to the political impasse in the country. Ramdin held more than a dozen high level meetings with major stakeholders, including the top three (3) Presidential candidates, Mirlande Manigat, Jude Celestin and Michel Martelly. Assistant Secretary General Ramdin, also held intense discussions with Haitian President Rene Preval, officials of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), experts at the Tabulation Center, Civil Society groups, the Private Sector, the head of the Joint Electoral Observation Mission Colin Granderson, the Head of MINUSTAH, Edmond Mulet and several country Ambassadors resident in Haiti.

Upon his return to DC Ramdin described the situation to a core group of stakeholders, saying that an urgent solution is needed to prevent further instability in Haiti. Ramdin also announced that in spite of "extreme and opposing political views" the top 3 Presidential candidates have indicated a willingness to dialogue collectively on the general political situation, and listen to the proposals about the verification of the electoral process.

OAS technical experts are expected to travel to Haiti next week and join the experts of the JEOM which are already there. According to Assistant Secretary General Ramdin, "the mission can only be successful if it is allowed to have access to all information to make its own independent assessments."

THREE (3) Questions for you...

1 - What do you think will come out of this ordeal?

2 - Will the Haitian people be satisfied with the winner?

3 - Will the looser pack his bags and call it quits?

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All Comments (17)

J. M. G Jacques1er 1811 says...

O. A. S is not credible him-self.

They are going to make money on the of the haitian people.

This O. A. S always divive the haitian and i won't never forget the embago they put in my haiti in 1991 that killed a lot of haitians cause they could not find food to eat and money and

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Boukman says...

Moin tande et moin kompren neg lakay, Min essaye kompren moin tou leum di ke se pa kon ya yap manje nou tou cri (ou oue sa map di'en).

Se pa kon ya nap mouri nan mitan intelligens yo. Femin zie'ou epi ouve lespri'ou - ou pa oue yap mange nou san cuit. Neg lakay, moin pa tap pale de canibalism, moin tap pale de mete gason sou nou pou nou kampe sou sa ki kompren yo ka envahi'nou pou yo vin mange nou tou cri. Pou al pli loin, sa yap pense de nou ap controle tet nou trop lontan.

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Neg Lakay says...

Bookman, si mrin te ou mem, mrin pa ta piblier ti mesage sa yo. Yo pa nan avantage Haiti.

Yo deja wre nou tan kou yon pep ki pa civilize e ki kon mange moun vivan e yo kon chire yo tankou yon kann blanch.

Nou pa bezwen repitation sa anko. Repitation sa fe nou mal anpil, li detri tout espwoi ke pep lan geyen a cause de kanibalis repitation sa. Se pa yon bon bagay

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Bookman says...

Pale ave'yo Jean-Pierre! Se en haiti pou yo tout oue zo gran gran' yo. Ti peyi sa va montre'yo sa yo democracie! Kite nouvel ya gaye! Haitien kon manje moun oui. Leu nou engage, nap mange yo san

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

The only possible thing for them to do, is to wait until February 7 for preval to finish his term.The big smoking gun is to put in place a provisional Prez until an election is possible.

Haitian people should have a cool head, i see alot of people talk rubish about DR army.just let get the facts strait DR army don't have enough balls to handle Haitian people, with an Haitian army or not we will defeat them. we need to makes sure preval leave Haiti after his term and don't let aristide step itself back in Haiti.

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Matilda says...

hmmmmmmmmm, something to think about.

i felt as much

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Bernard says...

Wake my people! do you remember what the ambassador from the dominican republic said in in a speach in haiti last year?

the u.s., france and canada want to unify the island into one nation.

why do you think they are giving all the help to the dominican republic?

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Bernard says...

the other problem that we have with Haiti is that it has been isolated because Haiti for the most part is illiterate, most of the people are made to believe that Creole is a language.

where can you use that language on the international front to negotiate, Its time that we get rid of Creole as a language, otherwise we are facing another problem, we are gone have two classes of people in Haiti, those that speak french and are accepted globally and those that speak creole and are not able to communicate with anyone globally.

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Bernard says...

This election is a joke, this has the problem with Haiti forever, whenever a president gets in there, they do not want to leave.

Considering the the amount of money that is scheduled to be given to Haiti for reconstruction Preval figured he will have his son in law run for president so they can get some of that money.

I am not surprised of the outcome of this election.

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Sylvio Manasse says...

Lisez avec attention.

"Les Animaux malades de la

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