Cholera and the Haiti Elections

The news about the cholera outbreak in Haiti has really dealt a heavy blow to election 2010 campaign efforts. I also have a question to ask you...

With less than a month for the Haitian presidential candidates to sell themselves to the people, there's just not much time left.

One question for us to ask is...

Will the next Haitian president take any steps to improve the standard of living in Haiti.

Increasing the standard of living means improving the poverty rate, life expectancy, and reduce incidence of disease in Haiti.

Or will it be the same old thing... Beg for food on our behalf and keep the Haitian people in the humiliating conditions that they have been living in for God knows how long.

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Martine Civil says...

I love your Ideas you are well spoken if you read my reply (martine civil ) you will have some understanding of my taught.

especially where I say we need to instructed our childrens in different field of study if today we have done that perhapes we would have been a big nation with a lot more of repect none of this candidate are qualify to be the nation leader no experience, no qualification, no vision and capability.

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